RingCentral announced on Monday the company has integrated services with Zapier, embedding RingCentral Office into more than 500 workplace SaaS applications. The application integration is available immediately to companies already using the existing Zapier platform, and makes voice and messaging capabilities an integral part of the everyday business workflow in workplaces around the world, Ringcentral said.

RingCentral office integration into Zapier will allow businesses to automate custom workflows and streamline internal communications, according to the announcement.

“Today’s workplaces need the ability to easily embed their communications functions into all their other business software apps to maximize efficiency in both internal and external communications,” said David Lee, Vice President of Platform Products at RingCentral. “This integration with Zapier is the easiest solution available for embedding communications into many business applications.”

Zapier allows users to automate custom tasks between multiple applications in order to streamline their workflow. For example, through Zapier integration, new incoming emails in Gmail could send an SMS message to your phone to alert you when away from your desk. These processes automatically run in the background in order to manage and move your data without any further action on your part.

“Communication and collaboration are no longer siloed functions for the modern workforce,” said Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier. “The launch of the Zapier and RingCentral integration brings powerful cloud communications and collaboration tools directly into a vast number of SaaS apps already being used throughout the workplace.”

Through RingCentral and Zapier integration, customers can now set automated responses for missed calls through Gmail, SMS or team messaging, archive voice recordings or email attachments in DropBox or Google Drive folders, and start a Intercom ticket in response to phone calls from designated numbers.

RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud-based business Unified Communications solutions, located in Belmont, California. RingCentral Office is the provider’s complete cloud phone system that includes voice and video conferencing, desktop and mobile apps, and online meetings, connecting businesses around the world.