Sometimes going out for lunch is a treat. Sometimes it’s an escape from cooking or a break from the office. But going out everyday can really add up. With the average American eating out for nearly a quarter of their meals, we were curious how much people spend going out to lunch while at work. To find out, we surveyed 1000 people between the ages of 25 and 64 and asked them: On average, how much do you spend going out to lunch every work week?

The vast majority of respondents said that they spend $15 or less per week going out for lunch – that’s about one to two meals. Surprisingly, 17.7% said that they do not regularly go out to lunch. However, a fair amount of people spend over $15 — 17.8% of respondents said they spend $15-$30 a week, and 9.6% of respondents said they spend $30-$45.

After further analyzing our survey data, we created this visual detailing what age groups and regions are most likely go out to lunch, as well as how much going out to lunch versus packing a lunch costs.


Whether you enjoy getting creative with packing your meals, look forward to frequently trying new restaurants, or are somewhere in between, this visual should help put into perspective how much you’re spending on lunch relative to others, and give you a few helpful pointers for budgeting if you want to spend less.