Jeff Pulver Brandon Kruse Bas Kooijman Evan Kirstel Alec Saunders Jon Brinton Dave Michels Bruce Marler Tom Keating
Sheila McGee-Smith Blair Pleasant Andy Abramson Craig Walker Ronald Gruia Brian Riggs Irwin Lazar Ward Mundy Jon Arnold Matt Landis
Tom Arbuthnot Olle E. Johansson Steve Blood Mark Dixon Jeff Kagan Randy Wintle Suzanne Bowen Doug Mohney Elka Popova Tommy Clarke
Rob Arnold Diane Myers Braun Mincher Chris Norman Henry Dewing Fred Posner Alaa Saayed Jonathan McKinney Chris Talbot
Sandra Gustavsen Cameron Reid Alan D. Percy Alan B. Johnston Kevin Kieller Neil Darling Marty Parker Andrew Prokop Reuben Yonatan


Unified Communication refers to the consolidation of many communications tools—chat, text, voice and video, and much more—into one platform. Your phone, computer, and even television are now extensions of each other. Your favorite starship captain might have had a name for it, but we call it UC. It’s here and it’s taking over business.

Here are some current forecasts and statistics worth checking out:

  • According to an AT&T/IDG survey, 72% of organizations have deployed at least one UC or cloud communication application; over 50% of the 1,000 organizations surveyed expected to fully integrate UC by 2016.
  • Information Week had a survey of their own of 488 businesses that showed 44% have UC systems deployed and in use, with an additional 13% planning to be up and running within 12 months. This is up from just one year earlier in 2013, when 38% had UC systems deployed.
  • According to another Infonetics survey, over $1 billion was spent in the last quarter of 2014 on videoconferencing software and hardware. That means in 2015, we’ll likely spend $4 billion for videoconferencing equipment.
  • Infonetics forecasts VoIP and unified communications services to grow to $88 billion market by 2018.
  • Frost & Sullivan make a similar prediction, estimating that by 2019, the North American market alone will reach $9.35 billion.

With big numbers like that being tossed around, you need to rely on experts to help you make sense of it for your organization. The good news is that there’s no shortage of authorities ready to share their views with curious readers. Throughout the year, GetVoIP has followed the biggest thought leaders, news reporters, and opinion makers in the field of Unified Communication.

Here, listed by the number of followers, are our fifty favorite UC experts to follow on Twitter in 2015.

  1. Jeff Pulver @jeffpulver
  2. ​Brandon Kruse @kruz
  3. ​Bas Kooijman @bkooijman
  4. ​Evan Kirstel @evankirstel
  5. ​Alec Saunders @asaunders
  6. ​Jon Brinton @JonBrinton
  7. ​Rich Tehrani @rtehrani
  8. ​Dave Michels @DaveMichels
  9. ​Bruce Marler @brucemarler
  10. ​Tom Keating @tomkeating
  11. ​Sheila McGee-Smith @McGeeSmith
  12. ​Blair Pleasant @blairplez
  13. ​Andy Abramson @andyabramson
  14. ​Craig Walker @cwalker123
  15. ​Ronald Gruia @rgruia
  16. ​Brian Riggs @brian_riggs
  17. ​Irwin Lazar @imlazar
  18. ​Ward Mundy @NerdUno
  19. ​Jon Arnold @arnoldjon
  20. ​Matt Landis @matthewlandis
  21. ​Tom Arbuthnot @tomarbuthnot
  22. ​Olle E. Johansson @oej
  23. Steve Blood @SteveJNB
  24. ​Mark Dixon @c1pher
  25. ​Jeff Kagan @jeffkagan
  26. ​Randy Wintle @UCMadeEasy
  27. ​Suzanne Bowen @suzannebowen
  28. ​Doug Mohney @DougonIPComm
  29. ​Elka Popova @epopova
  30. ​Tommy Clarke @itommyclarke
  31. ​Rob Arnold @RobArnoldUCC
  32. ​Diane Myers @dianemyers
  33. ​Braun Mincher @BraunMincher
  34. ​Chris Norman @voipnorm
  35. ​Jonathan Rosenberg @jdrosen2
  36. ​Henry Dewing @hwdewing
  37. ​Fred Posner @fredposner
  38. ​Alaa Saayed @alaasaayed
  39. ​Jonathan McKinney @ucomsgeek
  40. ​Chris Talbot @northerntalbot
  41. ​Sandra Gustavsen @smgustavsen
  42. ​Cameron Reid @CloudLync
  43. ​Alan D. Percy @AlanDPercy
  44. ​Alan B. Johnston @alanbjohnston
  45. ​Kevin Kieller @kkieller
  46. ​Neil Darling @NeilDarling
  47. ​Marty Parker @martyparkeruc
  48. ​Andrew Prokop @ajprokop
  49. ​Mark Collier @markcollier46
  50. ​Reuben Yonatan @reubenyonatan (last but not least, I’d like to include our very own CEO in this year’s roundup)

Although we think this is a pretty solid list, by no means do we believe it to be comprehensive. If you have any other suggestions for the list, please leave them in the comments.

Additional shout out to:

    51. Stephanie Watson @steffwatson

Here is a public Twitter list of the above UC experts so you can easily subscribe to them all at once.