Business leaders and career professionals are going to be flocking to the Call Center Week Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Over 16 years, this convergence of experts, executives and other insiders has become a prominent part of the business calendar. When June rolls around, lots of offices all over the country are going to be looking at attending this central event for breaking news and industry trends, and more.

1. It’s the #1 Customer Care Conference + Expo
The annual Call Center Week, held June 15-19 at the Mirage in Vegas, is the top conference of its kind, a service and technology exposition with 16 years of excellence in the field. This is a major place to meet movers and shakers in the industry, get new information about what’s common in telecommunications, and generally plug into a major networking and professional resources opportunity.

2. Broad Professional Participation
With over 120 speakers, more than 1000 companies signed up, and over 2000 individuals expected to attend, this is the largest gathering in the industry. Many of these attendees will be “C-level” professionals or directors, with some major sponsors promoting this opportunity to get together and talk about everything that’s happening in telecom and beyond.

3. New Industry Material and Trends
With so much new information being brought to this exposition, you won’t have to sit through a lecture or presentation based on outdated research. Speakers and others will look at the most current topics and trends of today’s industry, with practical and actionable takeaways that work for 2015 and beyond.

4. Hardware On Show
This conference will also be filled with a lot of valuable installations and demonstrations of industry-related technology. Exhibitors include vendors Five9, Salesforce, Avaya, SAP and CDW, as well as a whole lot of others. Over 200 of these demonstrations will be on hand at the Expo Hall, for even more valuable business intelligence on using the newest tech tools available on the market.

5. Input From Visionaries
In addition to lecturing and presentations on technology, key faculty speakers will talk about how to lead a business, how to grow and transform an enterprise, and how to generally promote good results in their fields. Speakers include Nell Williams, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Care at Marriott, and Chris Gillen, Vice President, Asset Protection and Customer Care at Toys”R”Us, as well as Guhfren Ahmed of Ebay, Jennifer Ramirez of Western Union and others.

6. Network Through Call Center IQ
Over 75,000 professionals around the globe have signed onto the Call Center IQ network that connects participants to podcasts, white papers, webinars and more, with research tools and learning opportunities that can really help to give business leaders access to the connections they need to bring their companies forward.

7. Call Center Week Excellence Awards Evening Gala June 16
On the night of June 16, planners will hold the Excellence Awards evening event, which will recognize some of the businesses and leaders who have truly improved and advanced call center and communications standards in today’s business world. Apply to be there to get even more access through this elite component of the conference.

8. Over 90+ Hours of Training and Development
This conference isn’t just for executives — bring your entire team and let them also profit from learning about what others are doing in the industry. Giving all staff levels proper professional resources and continuing education is going to pay off big for a company that plans to grow and advance in the vanguard of its particular markets. Don’t leave others out of this big opportunity to get on top of what’s happening today, and plan for tomorrow.

9. Hands-On and Interactive Learning
Lest you think that the conference is just going to be about sitting in rooms listening, events like roundtable discussions, workshops, and site tours, along with the new hardware presentations and other attractions, will give attendees ample time to add their own input, get together in groups, and really interact over industry trends.

10. Five Conferences in One
With all of the above resources, Call Center Week gives you a unique opportunity to get a one-stop shop for technology learning and networking — use a 20% discount code: 16CCW_GETVOIP to get an even better price on registration.

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