In Conclusion:
The $399 price tag for this 16G tablet seems a bit overpriced. I would echo others saying that this is a great tablet at $300 but at $399, it may be stretching it a bit. If you are looking for a new tablet that is going to be a beast playing your games and casual table TV stuff, the Nexus 9 will do the trick. I would say if you are going to watch lots movies, be aware of the screen type issue and how it impacts landscape video. (watch the video for more info)

I am a die hard Nexus fan but this falls short of the quality that I’ve come to expect from Google and the Nexus line. Specifically, my attention is drawn to things like screen orientation, battery charging issues, and a few little bugs in the 5.0 OS. It feels rushed and not as polished as what I have known Google to provide in the past (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7). I am returning this tablet and will be checking out Samsung tablets (gasp)! I’ll keep you posted with what I get and will compare the two.