The writing is on the wall: web conferencing is here to stay. More and more businesses are choosing to split up their teams remotely and choosing to adapt to the way mobile technology is shifting how we all communicate. There’s a lot to consider when determining which web conferencing solution works best for your company, but luckily, there are plenty of resources available online that can point you in the right direction. Here are 50 blogs (listed alphabetically) that can shed some better light on what a foray into the world of web conferencing would look like.

1. 3CX
For product news and how-to videos that cover how to ladle web conferencing for various softphones, 3CX is an excellent resource.

2. AccuConference
The nuances of how to run effective web conferences are covered here on AccuConference’s blog.

3. Adigo Conferencing
Adigo’s blog does a great job of explaining in great detail what separates good meetings from better ones… without over-complicating anything.

Adobe Connect4. The Adobe Connect
Adobe’s Connect team covers product updates and offers advice for those interested in how to create a webinar.


AnyMeeting5. AnyMeeting
For users of AnyMeeting’s popular web conferencing service, the blog features up-to-date information on the product.


Arkadin6. Arkadin
For small businesses, this blog covers everything from web conferencing to social business to the latest tech trends.


Avaya7. Avaya Connected
Avaya’s blog covers evolution. Specifically, it covers the evolution of business communications in a mobile world and the evolution of the video-centric workplace.


Big Marker8. BigMarker
BigMarker’s blog is all about how to improve the webinar experience—from the top products for communication to the best methods of utilizing software.


Blue Jeans9. Blue Jeans
The team at Blue Jeans Network posts articles for small businesses that utilize their software or are interested in industry updates.


Brother Online10. Brother Online
Brother does more than web conferencing, but their blog definitely dives into relevant industry news when it’s necessary. There’s a lot of content here, and much worth checking out.


Cisco11. Cisco
Cisco’s team of experts provides the know-how about collaboration and effective video communication.



Citrix to go12. Citrix GoTo
Citrix’s blog is versatile; it covers video conferencing and GoToMeeting product updates… and also covers how to manage virtual meetings of groups of any size.


Click Meeting13. ClickMeeting
Webinars have many purposes and use cases, and ClickMeeting’s blog sheds light on all of them.



Conferencing News14. Conferencing News
For a day-by-day breakdown of the latest happenings in web conferencing, Conferencing News has got you covered.


Connect Solutions15. ConnectSolutions
Primarily for Microsoft Lync and Adobe Connect users, this blog goes through the nitty-gritty of how to better your collaboration strategies.


CU Meeting16. CUMeeting
For a look into all the different ways web conferencing can be implemented in a business strategy, this blog has got you covered.


Digital Visual Communication17. Digital Visual Communication
If productivity is something you want to become better at, Digital Visual Communications’s blog will walk you through the steps you need to get there.


Drum18. Drum
Why are web meetings better for SMBs than traditional face-to-face meetings? Drum’s blog answers this question and more in articles that cover everything from meeting preparation to why web meetings are better for the environment.


Free Conference Call19. FreeConferenceCall
Intended for users of FreeConferenceCall services, this blog is a library of how-to articles and tips on using their products.


Fuze20. Fuze
Fuze is an industry stalwart and their blog is as versatile as they are; there are articles that range in complexity from setting up Fuze in your office to how to handle complex small business tasks.


Global Virtual Classroom21. Global Virtual Classroom
Speaker and industry veteran Darlene Christopher gives her users insight into the world of the digital classroom and what that entails.


GoToMeeting22. GoToMeeting
Citrix doesn’t leave anything to chance. Their GoToMeeting blog has everything a small business needs to figure out the ins and outs of web conferencing.


InterCall23. InterCall
With infographics and witty articles, The InterCall Blog is a great resource for people to get a better grip on video conferencing.


IVCi24. IVCi
The purpose of this blog is to educate users on when and how to take advantage of video conferencing resources that are available to them.


LogMeIn is a trusted name in the industry and their blog capitalizes on infographics and interesting articles to educate the reader on what web conferencing brings to the table.


KBZ is a Cisco Authorized Distributor for Cisco TelePresence and Cisco’s other web conferencing solutions; their blog covers the latest updates from Cisco and the industry.


Let's Do Video27. Let’s Do Video
Data and stats reign on this blog, giving small business users insight into why web conferencing is worth banking on for the future.


2Loop Up8. LoopUp
The articles on this blog have a lot of information and bullet points, but they also have well-placed images and graphics to better explain necessary industry details.


Lucid Meetings29. Lucid Meetings
Lucid Meetings cuts no corners with their blog; there’s information about almost everything here that pertains to making the most of web conferencing with teams.


Mikogo30. Mikogo
This blog is for small businesses that want to take control of how their web conferences convert clients and best reflect their company aesthetic.


ON2431. ON24
For SMBs that need a push in the right direction, ON24’s blog provides tips on how to best utilize services to fit your business goals.


32. PanoptoPanopto
Focusing on the classroom, Panopto engages users with big fonts and conversational articles that keep in perspective what web conferencing brings to the table.


PGi33. PGi
PGi covers the entire spectrum of online collaboration with their blog. Their articles are sprinkled with wit and simplified so that even new kids on the block can grasp what’s going on in the industry.


Powwownow34. Powwownow
Web conferencing can help stretch your business, and Powwownow breaks down exactly how it does this. They shed some light especially on European markets and for a more global audience.


ReadyTalk35. ReadyTalk
This is an invaluable resource for small businesses and content marketing professionals, breaking down the industry with clever evergreen pieces and industry-related articles that really hit home.


RHUB users, rejoice! This blog answers all your questions regarding RHUB and its web conferencing services.


Secure Video37.
For SecureVideo users, this blog covers their HIPAA-Compliant videoconferencing solutions.



SeeVogh38. SeeVogh
SeeVogh is here and it’s got some staying power; their blog pushes their product and explains in detail how to best utilize their services.


39. Solutionz ConferencingSolutionz Conferencing
There are things you should do and things you should not do when setting up videoconferencing sessions; this blog explains it all.


Start Meeting40. StartMeeting
For StartMeeting users, this blog is a godsend; it explains where to start and how to succeed with the product.


telyBlog41. telyBlog
Tely Labs uses its blog to engage its user base and let them know how their service can help bring simple, secure, and affordable videoconferencing to every corner of the globe.


Lifesize42. Lifesize
If you married video conferencing information and humor, you’d get The Lifesize Blog. The blog sheds light on what’s going on in the videoconferencing industry.


Web Conferencing Blog43. The Web Conferencing Blog
Industry expert David Chao goes over the latest news from the videoconferencing industry.



The Webinar Blog44. The Webinar Blog
Take some advice from industry expert Ken Molay. He breaks down web conferencing trends, how webinars are progressing into the near future, and best methods for a quality online meeting.


TrueConf45. TrueConf
Every last detail on how to run TrueConf services without a hitch is covered here in this blog.



46. UberConferenceUberConference
UberConference is a new player in the web conferencing field, but they already have a lot of attention heading their way; their blog is an excellent resource for small businesses that have yet to decide on a web conferencing solution.


Video Nations47. VideoNations
This blog covers news pertaining to the industry and talks about how the future of collaboration is all around us… now.


Vidyo48. Vidyo
Vidyo has some impressive products out right now and their blog serves as a giant manual of sorts that explains how to make use of their rich features.


Windstream Business49. Windstream Business
Windstream gears its blog for enterprise users, providing them with detailed insight into what works best for business cloud and web conferencing solutions.


Zoom50. Zoom
This blog lays out articles that explain how Zoom can better their business and foster team collaboration.



All web conference solutions and blogs are not created equal, but they all have their unique uses. Whether you’re in healthcare or education or some industry in between, the truth is that web conferencing can bridge the gaps that occur when meetings can’t happen in one single room. Luckily, the technology has gotten us to a point where distance can’t stop us from being as effective as we want to be anymore. Hopefully, the resources on this list can spur you towards bigger and better ventures.