Customer relationship management is becoming a more integral part of how businesses are run. Interfacing with customers has naturally evolved from post office boxes to email inboxes to social networks. Executing CRM effectively takes both hard work and the means to carry it out. Luckily, there are industry experts who have laid out the ins and outs of effective CRM practices. Whether you’re new to this arena or are just looking to improve your practices, we’ve put together a list of the 50 CRM blogs you won’t regret taking a look at.

Extensive Analysis from Industry Leaders

  1. Beagle Research Group Blog – CRM analyst firm Beagle Research Group is a wealth of information for prospective CRM clients and those who want to know more about emerging technologies in the industry. They’ve done all the research for you here.
  2. Leon’s CRM Musings – If you enjoy graphs, charts, and graphic representations of all things CRM, then Leon Tribe’s blog is for you. Although he focuses mostly on Dynamics CRM- since he’s a Dynamics CRM consultant- he does a great job of breaking down numbers in the industry so you don’t have to crunch them yourself.
  3. Gustaf’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog – CRM expert Gustaf Westerlund’s blog focuses on Dynamics CRM and related technology. He often goes into great detail, showing the reader how to properly troubleshoot issues they may be having.
  4. SuperOffice CRM Software Blog – SuperOffice aims to create a dialog about CRM and its impact on business/customer relationships. Its articles are chock full of images and stat sheets that help inspire both the prospective CRM user and the seasoned CRM veteran.
  5. Hosk’s Dynamic CRM Blog – As explained on his website, “The Hosk is all about Microsoft Dynamic CRM”. It’s a thorough compilation of informative articles for any reader that wants to learn the nuances of CRM.
  6. Tribridge Blog – With topics ranging from CRM to IT security to cloud technology, Tribridge’s team of industry insiders offers readers a one-stop-shop for resources about technology in the present day.
  7. Customer Think Blog – Through articles, blogs, interviews and news updates, CustomerThink’s community of industry leaders is an inspired group of influencers. There are tons of fresh new content every day that covers topics from good industry practices to the power of words in your marketing campaigns. And everything in between.
  8. High Impact CRM – Reinvention of CRM practices in the discussion that takes place on this blog. With its collection of in-your-face infographics and detailed articles, trends and innovations are pointed out clearly and emphasized.
  9. Helpshift Blog – Helpshift’s goal is to make it easier for businesses to connect and communicate with their customers. Its blog contains detailed articles about streamlining and optimizing the methods that are typically used in interfacing with clients.
  10. PowerObjects Blog – PowerObjects’ blog is a powerhouse of information dedicated to Dynamics CRM. From troubleshooting to documentation to how to get the most out of your software, this blog has got you covered.

How To Make Customer Relations Productive

  1. Cynergy Blog – Help desk management is the major focus on Cynergy’s blog, offering tips and reviews on how to make customer service more productive.
  2. Sugar CRM Blogs – Industry leader SugarCRM’s blog is for firms that want to learn how to become more customer-centric by making some tweaks in the way they operate and utilize digital mechanisms.
  3. The Act! Blog – The folks over at Swiftpage have a clear focus on marketing and how businesses can better engage their clientele. Most of their content is a quick read, with bulleted lists and rankings of tips on how to best utilize your resources.
  4. Maximizer CRM Blog – Sales and lead generation strategies are among the main points driven home by Maximizer’s content-rich blog.
  5. BigContacts Blog – With an ear to the ground concerning how customers communicate with businesses, BigContacts’ blog is an impressive resource for businesses that want to find better ways to connect with their customers. Its software has impressive integration with major products and step-by-step details for utilization are a major emphasis in a lot of their articles.
  6. Base CRM Blog – Base’s blog initially draws the reader’s attention with its use of high-quality images and graphics. Under the hood, the content is impressive as well; industry experts share what they know about sales and productivity.
  7. Commence CRM Blog – For anybody trying to be more productive in the areas where sales and CRM converge, Commence’s blog is worth checking out. The articles here are intended to challenge businesses to think bigger, especially when dealing with stiff competition and unforeseen struggles.

Unique Voices In the Industry

  1. A Software Insider’s Point of View – Constellation Research Founder and Chairman Ray Wang share his insight on this popular enterprise software blog. The focus here is on how organizations can leverage disruptive technologies and new business models to succeed in their verticals.
  2. thinkJar Blog – ThinkJar founder Esteban Kolsky is a force to be reckoned with. His blog features industry insight and carefully-collected statistics that attempt to compellingly shed light on the intricacies of CRM.
  3. Michael Fauscette;- Software industry insider Michael Fauscette knows a thing or two about customer relations and social solutions. His blog presents articles about emerging technologies and gives plenty of data concerning all things social business.
  4. Value Creator Blog – Social CRM leader Brian Vellmure engages the reader with a conversational approach on his blog. In an industry where most of the discussion is largely analytical, Brian does things a little differently. Like providing analogies between the entertainment industry and the CRM world to grab your attention and point out where CRM is headed shortly.
  5. The Customer Revolution – This is a blog worth checking out. Laurence Buchanan shares his thoughts on current tech trends that highlight the needs of CRM’s most important audience: the customers.
  6. Capterra Blog – Capterra’s blend of informative content and informal tech-speak is a welcome sight in the landscape of CRM blogs. The covers a broad spectrum of topics, but retains a conversational approach in the way information is presented to the reader.
  7. Toolbox CRM Blog – Toolbox is an excellent resource for both non-technical and technical folks in the industry, featuring articles from IT and CRM experts who break down the nitty-gritty of industry talk into layman’s terms.
  8. A Title Would Limit My Thoughts – Technology insider Mitch Lieberman leads discussions about what CRM concepts mean and how to cope with the ever-evolving world of customer relations.
  9. Nick Baggott’s CRM & Digital Marketing Blog – Digital marketing, CRM, and data strategy advice are the 3 main functions of Nick’s blog, intended to make strategic decisions clearer for clients.
  10. Effective CRM Blog – Industry insider Mike Boysen gives the reader a perspective on where the CRM industry is headed with his straight-to-the-point reviews and opinions on his website.
  11. Wim Rampen’s Blog – Approaching content mostly from the perspective of the customer, industry veteran Wim Rampen’s blog is in an interesting take on the way CRM operates. He backs up his articles with lots of raw data and explanatory tidbits, so readers can make educated decisions about how to best utilize CRM in their day-to-day practices.

Advice and General Insights About the Industry

  1. Blog – A comprehensive blog about all forms of communication technology, is a gateway to what’s relevant in the CRM world.
  2. The CRM Consultant Blog – Mareeba CRM Consulting founder Richard Boardman shares with businesses his advice on how to make the most out of the CRM products they employ.
  3. Third Idea Blog – If you want to read articles about CRM and brand awareness, Third Idea Consulting does a fantastic job. There’s a blend of insight and relevant conference recaps here that can appeal to businesses of all sizes.
  4. Less Annoying CRM Blog – For small businesses interested in becoming more effective, the team of industry experts at Less Annoying CRM provides articles and starting points for discussion that include product reviews and personal stories of success and failure.
  5. Capsule CRM Blog – Capsule shares information about how its software integrates with ubiquitous products that users are already familiar with. The site’s layout is noticeably minimalistic in design, which is apropos considering that the company prides itself on the ease-of-use of its software.
  6. CRM Buyer Blog – Between opinion pieces, product profiles, and industry insights, CRM Buyer is a comprehensive resource for all things CRM.
  7. Infosys CRM Blog – “Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise” is Infosys’ mantra, and its blog reflects this. Readers can check out articles that discuss trends, innovations, and newsworthy stories that are setting the CRM world on fire.
  8. Zoho Blogs – Zoho is a major player in the CRM world and its blog is a valuable resource for general tips, app advice, and Zoho-specific information.
  9. vTiger Blog – With over 10,000 businesses currently using its product, Vtiger has its fingerprints on the CRM industry. Its blog has product-specific advice and updates but also gives more general advice on good CRM practices.
  10. update.CRM Blog – Vienna-based update.CRM has been at the forefront of the industry over the last 25 years, with a very customer-oriented business approach. Its blog is separated into categories that highlight industry trends, solutions, and products.
  11. CRM Software Blog – Microsoft Dynamics CRM insiders pitch in to contribute articles that review and assess products and the state of the industry.
  12. Blog – If you’re looking for a library of information relating to all aspects of CRM, you might not have to go much further than Blog. Its balanced reporting brings attention to current events and upcoming technologies in the CRM world.
  13. WORK[etc] Blog – There’s an abundance of valuable information here for entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking for smart and practical advice. With articles highlighting what other companies are doing well and content geared toward those already familiar with their product, there’s something for every business here.

For Companies Expecting To Scale

  1. Desk Blog – A wing of,’s Blog is a valuable resource of tips, infographics, and strategies aimed at providing companies the know-how on how to leap to become customer service leaders.
  2. 1to1 Media Blog – The Peppers & Rogers Group-backed 1to1 Media blog delivers actionable content to its growing audience of over 130,000 industry professionals. Its content is wide-ranging, aimed to help anybody in the industry get to where they’re going.
  3. Pipeliner CRM Blog– Pipeliner does a great job of explaining its cloud CRM product through its blog posts. But it also has a very useful set of resources and articles geared towards small businesses that are getting familiarized with CRM.
  4. Aptean Blog – Aptean prides itself on helping businesses grow from the supply chain to the board room. Its blog reflects this, with articles that go in-depth about all levels of customer service and inter-business relations.
  5. Contactually CRM Blog – Contactually is worth a look. Its blog is geared towards small businesses that want to generate and retain leads- especially top leads. With humorous GIFs, comic strips, and embedded videos, its articles come to life to get points across better.
  6. Insightly Blog – Insightly is a household name in the CRM world, its product currently in use by over 500,000 people across the globe. Its blog features articles concerned with how businesses can effectively make use of and strengthen their pipelines of communication- both internally and with their customers.
  7. OnContact CRM Blog – If you’re on the fence about CRM, OnContact will challenge you to make up your mind. Its blog goes through all facets of CRM- from what it is to how it can make an impact on your business.
  8. Workbooks CRM Blog – Focusing on the relationship between CRM and sales, Workbooks’ blog puts together a string of impressive in-depth articles for companies that want to know more about revenue cycles.
  9. PipelineDeals Blog – PipelineDeals looks at customer service as the starting point and top priority in every business practice. Its blog features articles that primarily explain how to make the customer’s needs first in business sales and communication.

For a more robust CRM experience, it may be necessary to improve upon existing practices and adopt new ones. Above all, it’s necessary to continue to evolve as a business. There’s plenty of writing to help you manage customer relations and build emotional intelligence in your business. No matter how your business has been doing CRM so far, these blogs can help further your evolution as industry stalwarts.