Grasshopper and are part of a new generation of VoIP providers that are tailored to the on-the-go Entrepreneur. Grasshopper and follow a similar business model of divvying up minutes among several users. One number is included in the lower tiers, and paying a little more gives you a second number, so you can have a personal number for The Boss. They turn regular phones into extensions, bringing together a workforce that can be spread around the world. Let’s see how these two popular VoIP providers stack up.

Services Compared


Monthly Cost of Service Shared Minutes: 300 minutes, one number, $14.99/mo

Unlimited User or Unlimited + Shared: Unlimited minutes per user, one number, $24.99/mo/user

Ramp: 500 Minutes, 1#, $24/mo

Grow: 2,000 Minutes, 2#, $49/mo

Max: 10,000 Minutes, 3#, $199/mo

All minutes shared

Activation Free Free
Metered Plans 700 mins: $27.30/mo; 2,200 mins: $77.00/mo; 2,500 mins: $85.00/mo; 5,000 mins: $165/mo; 10,000 mins: $310/mo. All metered plans shared among users. Pay as you go for 4.9¢/min $12 per mo/line, 6¢ per min
Mobile App iOS, Android, Blackberry iOS, Android
Phone Tech Support 24/7 US-based support 24/7 US-based support
Fax Options Paperless fax sent to email as PDF You can receive faxes to your Grasshopper number that you can have forwarded to an actual fax machine, retrieve online, or have them emailed to you as a PDF, as well as using Fax on Demand
Conference Bridge Up to 500 participants Up to 10 participants
Call Group/Simultaneous Ring Routes to cell, office, or home Routes to cell, office, or home
On Hold Music Standard hold music, upload your own music, or subscribe to premium channels with popular songs for $0.99/mo extra You can upload your own file to play while calls are on hold, which can be music or even your own commercial. Prerecorded music selections & custom recordings available
Voicemail Transcription $1.50/mo computer or $0.25/msg human “Read Your Voicemail”—voicemail to emails and MP3s ($10 per month)
Group Paging/Intercom N/A N/A
Softphone Communicator N/A
Toll Free Number 800, 888, 866, 855, 844, or 877 numbers available. 800, 888, 866, 855, 844, or 877 numbers available.
CRM Integrations Proprietary caller analytics software, $2 basic $4.99 full N/A
Minimal Subscription Option Pay per minute Month-to-Month
Click to Call Widget Yes Yes
Professional Voice Actor Recording Option Prices start at $79 for voice prompt, $93 for on-hold message $75 One time charge
Directory Assistance/411 N/A N/A
Money Back Guarantee/Trial 30 day free trial, no credit card needed 30 Day money-back guarantee
Contract/Termination Fee No Contracts Monthly Agreement
E911 $1.49/mo/device N/A
Biggest possible drawback  Limited fax options Limited number of phone numbers, mobile app only available on iOS
Vanity Number Included in all plans $30 one-time fee
iNum Yes N/A

Pricing Comparison:
The first comparison point is price. Both providers let you share minutes among devices. Grasshopper’s monthly plans are “Ramp,” which includes 500 minutes and 1 number for $24/mo; “Grow,” which includes 2,000 minutes and 2 number for $49/mo; and “Max,” which includes 10,000 minutes and 3 numbers for $199. Grasshopper also has a $12 per month plan where you pay 6 cents a minute, called the “Pay as You Grow” plan. gives you the option of metered minutes, which can be split between users, and an unlimited plan, which can be one unlimited user or many, should you choose. The unlimited plans are $24.99/user; the metered plans are $0.049 per minute pay-as-you-go; $300 minutes for $14.99/mo; 700 minutes for $27.30/mo; 2,200 minutes for $77.00/mo; 2,500 minutes for $85.00/mo; 5,000 minutes for $165/mo; and 10,000 minutes for $310/mo. Remember that if you have an unlimited user, any calls they make will not be taken from the pool of minutes. One number is included for all plans, and additional numbers are $4.99 each. Both providers have no activation fee at the time of this writing. and Grasshopper offer many of the same cloud-based features, including routing your call to up to three phones, offering a click-to-call widget, call screening and handling rules, auto-attendant/dial-by-name directory, caller ID, and many more. There are, of course, some features that aren’t exactly the same, which we’ll get into now. One way in which services like Grasshopper and stand out from other hosted PBX models is that they include toll-free calling for the same price as local calls. It costs $30 to activate a vanity toll-free number on Grasshopper, but lets you activate a vanity toll-free number for free. They both have all the major toll free prefixes—800, 877, 866, 855, and the newest, 844.

Speaking of numbers, one area where has a distinct edge is in international numbers. includes a free iNum international number, and has international inbound numbers.

  • For $4.99/mo, you can have an inbound number from the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

  • For $12.99/mo, you can have an inbound number from these countries:

Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Georgia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Puerto Rico.

Grasshopper, on the other hand, offers only North American numbers, but they can accept calls from most anywhere in the world, at a per-minute rate. Grasshopper cautions that some countries cannot call toll-free numbers.

Features: and Grasshopper have a mobile app which is free to download. As you might expect, the app is used to make and receive calls/texts, review faxes, manage your address book, and check your voicemail. The app lets you initiate a conference call, and you can also sign up for the service within the app. So far, the Grasshopper mobile app is only available for the iPhone, and the app is available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android. One way that really stands out is that it doesn’t have to rely on another phone service in order to work properly. With Grasshopper, you have to use your cell or office phone, and calls are routed to your phones (or the mobile app). With, you can actually order IP phones, or use a softphone for an additional $4.99 per month, to connect directly to their network. Because of this ability, subscribers are charged $1.50/mo/device for E911 access, but remember, Grasshopper subscribers can’t use the service to call 911 at all!

Both Grasshopper and offer Voicemail transcription. Grasshopper subscribers can get the premium “Read Your Voicemail” feature, which sends a transcription of your voicemail, along with an MP3 of your message, to your email. offers your choice of $1.50/mo for unlimited computer transcription or pay 25 cents per message for a human-assisted transcription—with your first four messages transcribed free of charge. With, you can have the transcribed message sent to your email or texted to your phone. This is another category where takes the edge for its big price advantage.

Faxes still play an important role in today’s business world. Grasshopper has a unique feature called “Fax on Demand.” Rather than send an outgoing fax to an individual fax number, the business builds a library of files by faxing them into Grasshopper’s server. Anyone who wants a fax from a Grasshopper subscriber then can dial into that library and get those documents printed out. It’s great for form letters, maps, order forms. You don’t even have to be in the office or anywhere near a fax machine for your business associates to use Fax on Demand. By comparison,’s fax offerings are a little stale. You need to have a second phone number, which will cost you $4.99 per month. You send and receive paperless faxes using your scanner and printer in much the same way other paperless faxes are done, and you’ll get a text message when you get a fax. This is one feature where Grasshopper is much better.

Comparing Premium Features:
Conference calls are a necessity in today’s business world, and both Grasshopper and have great conference bridge options. When you use a conference call, you multiply the minutes used by the number of participants. Grasshopper subscribers can conference with a respectable ten participants, while allows for an astounding five hundred. assigns a conference bridge number, and it cannot be changed at any time. No cloud-based phone system would be worth its salt without music on hold. Grasshopper and both offer free on-hold music with the option of uploading your own custom music. But offers a premium feature that Grasshopper doesn’t. For $0.99/mo you can subscribe to premium on-hold music channels. You get your choice of five legal music streaming channels that play songs by well-known artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, Daft Punk, Jay-Z, or Miles Davis. has a proprietary CRM that tracks calls and callers. Basic caller analytics are an extra $2/mo, and Full caller analytics are $4.99/mo. Grasshopper does not have a proprietary call tracker, but they have suggested several open-source business solutions on their blog.

A popular option for many business phones today is professionally recorded greetings. For Grasshoper subscribers, recording voice and prompts are a flat $75, and is even included for free for Max plan customers. They can even write the script for you for an additional $100, which is still free for Max plan customers. Grasshopper can give you professional voice recordings in English, Spanish, and French. Grasshopper charges per message, and charges $79 and up for most recordings, like voice prompts and greetings, and even website audio, and charges $94 and up for a message on hold. Grasshopper takes this round for having a much better deal on voice recording.

Before we get to the end, I want to mention a feature that offers that doesn’t fall into any traditional category, and is something of a novelty. It’s called “Chatcalls.” With this feature, you can combine pre-recorded greetings with a customized message that can be sent to another person’s phone. You can use this service to send birthday greetings, jokes, and other messages. The feature is somewhat anonymous, but your regular caller ID is attached to the message. It’s free, aside from the minutes it uses, and if there’s a response to the message, it gets sent back to you. It’s a neat feature, but I don’t see how it can match up to actually picking up the phone and calling someone yourself.

Finally, both services offer 24/7 US-based phone technical support, and no directory assistance. gives you a free 30-day, 300 minute trial, with no credit card needed, and you can even download the app first and sign up using that. Grasshopper does require a more thorough sign-up process, but they have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied within a month, you can cancel and they’ll refund your money. has no contracts, while Grasshopper has a month-to-month contract. In either case, you won’t be charged a fee for canceling quickly. I wouldn’t say there is a huge difference between the two when it comes to the introductory period or the cancellation process.

When tallying up the different features, you can see by the price per minutes alone that they’re about even, although Grasshopper can be had for slightly less, especially when you’re sharing a high number of monthly minutes. When comparing premium features, has a much better deal on voicemail transcription, but Grasshopper has the better value when it comes to professional greetings. In this reviewer’s opinion, is worth the extra for the minutes when you compare how much you can save on some premium features.

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