Darren Kitchen Jason Hiner Larry Magid Shannon Morse Kevin Rose Rafe Needleman Mike McCue Dr. Pamela Rutledge Steve Gibson Peter Cooper
Mike Elgan Aleks Krotoski Jason Howell Cali Lewis Brad Molen Bridget Carey Richard Campbell Dave Michels Jon Arnold Suzanne Bowen
Blair Pleasant Dan York Don Van Doren Robert Heron Nate Lanxon Jeff Jarvis Alex Albrecht Iyaz Akhtar Nilay Patel Andrew Zarian
Eric Curts Jason Calacanis Craig Peterson Jeffrey Powers Justin Freid Richard Hay Colleen Taylor Donald Bell Brian Tong Jenn Lukas
Val Head Rob Greenlee Jordan Crook Mark Milian Sarah Lane Wilson Rothman Robbie Ferguson Andru Edwards Todd Cochrane Michael Kimsal
Brian Suhr David Linthicum Stephen Pritchard Victor Cajiao Ken Ray Adam Christianson Daniel J. Lewis Paul Asadoorian Larry Pesce Rich DeMuro
Olle E. Johansson Douglas E. Welch Larry Downes Leo Laporte Don Baine Dave Kennedy Caleb Barlow Doug Kaye Patrick Norton Molly Wood
Ben Drawbaugh Enrico Bertini Tom Merritt Andy Ihnatko Jad Abumrad PhoneBoy Jonathan Stark Moritz Stefaner Gina Trapani Rene Ritchie
Phil Windley Dustin Hartzler Jeffrey Zeldman Paul Thurrott Mary Jo Foley Anne Gentle William Whurley Greg Ferro Ethan Banks Nick Howell
Carl Franklin Nora Young Warren Bent Chris Wahl Justin Pot Tim O’Reilly Veronica Belmont Christina Warren Mark J. Fletcher Dave LeClair

For many, Podcasts, or audio or video feeds distributed through RSS, are nothing new. Since debuting in the early/mid-2000’s the platform has been used by professionals and amateurs alike to discuss a variety of subjects. Though these subjects are wide and vast, one popular area of concentration has always been technology.

Typically, these feeds are great for providing users with all types of information and insights regarding different categories and focuses within the tech sphere. As such, they’ve become great supplemental tools for many. However, with literally hundreds and thousands of tech-centric Podcasts, it can be hard for listeners to hone in on particular podcasts and podcasters (hosts and/or speakers). Sure, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to find and/or follow individuals and their shows, but the podcast space can still be a challenge to navigate. So, to ease this process, we’ve collected 100 essential technology podcasters. The list consists of technology experts, journalists, analysts, enthusiasts, hosts, and more.

  1. Darren Kitchen: @hak5darren
  2. Jason Hiner: @jasonhiner
  3. Larry Magid: @larrymagid
  4. Shannon Morse: @snubs
  5. Kevin Rose: @kevinrose
  6. Rafe Needleman: @Rafe
  7. Mike McCue: @mmccue
  8. Dr. Pamela Rutledge: @mediapsychology
  9. Steve Gibson: @sgrc
  10. Peter Cooper: @peterc
  11. Mike Elgan: @mikeelgan
  12. Aleks Krotoski: @aleksk
  13. Jason Howell: @jasonhowell
  14. Cali Lewis: @caliLewis
  15. Brad Molen: @phonewisdom
  16. Bridget Carey: @bridgetcarey
  17. Richard Campbell: @richcampbell
  18. Dave Michels: @davemichels
  19. Jon Arnold: @arnoldjon
  20. Suzanne Bowen: @suzannebowen
  21. Blair Pleasant: @blairplez
  22. Dan York: @danyork
  23. Don Van Doren: @donvandoren
  24. Robert Heron: @robertheron
  25. Nate Lanxon: @natelanxon
  26. Jeff Jarvis: @jeffjarvis
  27. Alex Albrecht: @alexalbrecht
  28. Iyaz Akhtar: @iyaz
  29. Nilay Patel: @reckless
  30. Andrew Zarian: @andrewzarian
  31. Eric Curts: @ericcurts
  32. Jason Calacanis: @jason
  33. Craig Peterson: @craigpeterson
  34. Jeffrey Powers: @geekazine
  35. Justin Freid: @justin_freid
  36. Richard Hay: @winobs
  37. Colleen Taylor: @loyalelectron
  38. Donald Bell: @donald
  39. Brian Tong: @briantong
  40. Jenn Lukas: @jennlukas
  41. Val Head: @vlh
  42. Rob Greenlee: @robgreenlee
  43. Jordan Crook: @jordanrcrook
  44. Mark Milian: @markmilian
  45. Sarah Lane: @sarahlane
  46. Wilson Rothman: @wjrothman
  47. Robbie Ferguson: @robbieferguson
  48. Andru Edwards: @andruedwards
  49. Todd Cochrane: @geeknews
  50. Michael Kimsal: @mgkimsal
  51. Brian Suhr: @bsuhr
  52. David Linthicum: @davidlinthicum
  53. Stephen Pritchard: @s_pritchard
  54. Victor Cajiao: @victorcajiao
  55. Ken Ray: @macosken
  56. Adam Christianson: @maccast
  57. Daniel J. Lewis: @theramennoodle
  58. Paul Asadoorian: @securityweekly
  59. Larry Pesce: @haxorthematrix
  60. Rich DeMuro: @richdemuro
  61. Olle E. Johansson: @oej
  62. Douglas E. Welch: @douglaswelch
  63. Larry Downes: @larrydownes
  64. Leo Laporte: @leolaporte
  65. Don Baine: @gadgetprofessor
  66. Dave Kennedy: @hackingdave
  67. Caleb Barlow: @calebbarlow
  68. Doug Kaye: @dougkaye
  69. Patrick Norton: @patricknorton
  70. Molly Wood: @mollywood
  71. Ben Drawbaugh: @bjdraw
  72. Enrico Bertini: @filwd
  73. Tom Merritt: @acedtect
  74. Andy Ihnatko: @lhnatko
  75. Jad Abumrad: @jadAbumrad
  76. Phoneboy: @phoneboy
  77. Jonathan Stark: @ionathanstark
  78. Moritz Stefaner: @moritz_stefaner
  79. Gina Trapani: @ginatrapani
  80. Rene Ritchie: @reneritchie
  81. Phil Windley: @windley
  82. Dustin Hartzler: @dustinhartzler
  83. Jeffrey Zeldman: @zeldman
  84. Paul Thurrott: @thurrott
  85. Mary Jo Foley: @maryjofoley
  86. Anne Gentle: @annegentle
  87. William Whurley: @whurley
  88. Greg Ferro: @etherealmind
  89. Ethan Banks: @ecbanks
  90. Nick Howell: @that1guynick
  91. Carl Franklin: @carlfranklin
  92. Nora Young: @nora3000
  93. Warren Bent: @warrenbent
  94. Chris Wahl: @ChrisWahl
  95. Justin Pot: @jhpot
  96. Tim O’Reilly: @timoreilly
  97. Veronica Belmont: @veronica
  98. Christina Warren: @film_girl
  99. Mark J. Fletcher: @fletch911
  100. Dave LeClair: @sideox

Please note that level of the podcaster’s participation on Twitter is a significant part of the selection criteria.