As cloud computing has become a bigger and bigger industry, the web has filled up with blogs and websites dedicated to the service and its development. While these blogs can be very informative, they aren’t the only source of information professionals should be referencing. In fact, there are a number of tech-centric sites that explore the utilization and implementation of cloud services, as well as breakdown different aspects. Though this doesn’t have as direct a relation to cloud, many may be overlooking them. As such, we’ve put together a list of the 50 blogs cloud professionals are sure to love.

Security Tips & Best Practices

  1. CloudPassage – Insights, experiences, and analysis of security in relation to all things cloud. Also delivers news and updates regarding webinars and other informational resources.
  2. Security Catalyst – Focuses on how to improve and maintain security best practices, as well as the benefits of proper security.
  3. Cloud Security Alliance Industry Blog – This blog lists and promotes security best practices for Cloud Computing, as well as how secure cloud computing can lead to better overall security.
  4. State of Security Blog – In depth analysis of news, trends, and insights regarding IT security and best practices.
  5. Security Bloggers Network – Provides a comprehensive guide to everything IT security by collecting blogs and podcasts from various individuals from all over the world.

Thought Leaders on Everything Cloud, IT, & Data

  1. Chaotic Flow – Joel York, SaaS expert, delivers news, analysis, consulting, and insights on a range of topics including Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud, marketing, security, and various other areas regarding business and technologies.
  2. Cloud Ave – Though content is authored by a team of contributing writers, this blog is run by Zoli Erdos and Krishnan Subramanian, two cloud experts seeming obsessed with all things Cloud, SaaS, business, and more. The defining quality of this blog is the openness–i.e. all readers are actively encouraged to insert their own insights, opinions, and ideas either through comments or through guest articles.
  3. InTelligence Blog – This blog demands your attention as it delves through trending topics, news, management and security tips, and even tech analysis.
  4. SmoothSpan – Bob Warfield authors a blog directed specifically at IT professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. As such, he tackles subjects including SaaS, Open Source, Mobile Computing, Social Cloud, and much more.
  5. Andrew McAfee’s Blog – IT expert Andrew McAfee examines IT and how it affects business practices, trends, and technologies.
  6. Randy Bias’s CloudScaling Blog – CEO and Co-Founder of CloudScaling, Randy Bias provides readers with insights, news, and analysis on all things cloud-related.
  7. Scott Lowe’s Blog – Scott Lowe, engineering architect at VMware, provides detailed insights and analysis on various areas of IT including virtualization, networking, storage, and servers.
  8. Thoughts On Cloud – An assortment of blogs and conversations led by IBM professionals (and/or affiliates) that discusses a wide array of cloud computing subjects including CIO/CTO, cloud strategy, cloud management, cloud layers, private cloud, security, and much more.
  9. Cloud User – Lead by Rene Büstsenior analyst at Crisp Research, this blog is an expansive hub of information regarding the cloud, management, providers, insights, and all things pertaining to the technology.
  10. Cloud Tech – More hub than blog, this site, which is aimed at Cloud and IT professionals, delivers news, commentary, and blogs, as well as strategic insights and practical experiences/analysis.
  11. Cloud of Data – Founded and run by Dr. Paul Miller, this UK based blog focuses analysis and consulting regarding web interface, Big data, and the cloud.

Tech Industry Breaking News, Insights, & Extensive Analysis 

  1. Walyou – Easy to digest articles covering all things technology—i.e. tech news, mods, gadgets, and all things geek culture.
  2. Tech Mynd – Downloads, tutorials, tips and tricks, how-tos, insights, tips, giveaways, and more relating to technology in all its forms—i.e. OS, the Web, Communications, Security, Social Media, and more.
  3. Bandwidth Blog – Interviews, Infographics, Top 5 Lists, Event Listings, and technology news and trends.
  4. The Diversity Blog – Ben Kepes, a tech expert/commentator/business advisor leads a blog that dissects all-things-technology, including enterprise software, software integration, platforms, infrastructure, and more.
  5. TechSpot – Another news and analysis blog; however, this publications doesn’t cater to one audience, but users, IT decision makers, and tech enthusiasts.
  6. Rational Survivability – “Technosopher” Chris Hoff tackles the Cloud with just a bit of humor. As such, the blog is able to provide readers with some great tounge-in-cheek type gags, photos, and captions, spliced with valuable insights and quality information.
  7. Aging In Place: Technology Watch – Tech industry veteran Laurie M. Orlov provides insights and analysis of market reserach trends, technologies, services, and more. As such, she offers infographics and extensive articles about technology and its role in society, the workplace, and more.
  8. BillingWorld – Offers an extensive look at the technological world including everything from mobile devices and communications software to social media and news. Reports, Whitepapers, Blogs, and Webinars are but a few of this blog’s resources.
  9. Computer How To Guide – An extensive guide of tips and insights that detail everything from best practices for safety to upkeep and performance.
  10. Comp Talks (no longer active) – Extensive reviews, round ups, and listings of laptops, mobile devices, programs, applications, and more.
  11. Justin’s IT Blog – News, how tos, product reviews, and more all pertaining to anything IT.
  12. New Launches – Focuses on more popular utilization of mobile phones and media devices.  By doing this, it shares how different organizations plan to implement new devices.
  13. Bits or Pieces – Simon Wardley, a member of the advisory board for CloudScaling, delivers his expert insights on the technology industry at large.
  14. The Go Grid Blog – A one stop blog for all things related to big data and the cloud. Here, articles and posts range everything from analysis and how-tos to industry news.
  15. Terremark Blog – This blog, which is affiliated with Verizon, provides in depth dissections of a number of topics including public cloud, security, hybrid cloud, data center, cloud computing and much more.
  16. Appirio – Provides readers with insights geared towards different areas of focus–i.e. cloud powered business information, tech tips, tricks, and insights from experts, and an employee blog that gives more insider information.
  17. Cloud Sherpas’s Blog – Everything you would want regarding cloud computing from advisory and case studies, to insights on services, apps, and more. The blog also injects this angle through news and world events.
  18. I am OnDemand – A comprehensive guide and exploration of all Cloud offerings authored by cloud expert Ofir Nachmani.
  19. Thinking Out Cloud – Tech executive Geva Perry focuses on the cloud on a wide scale, encompassing everything from news and insights to best practices and implementations.
  20. Peter Kretzman’s CTO/CIO Blog – Peter Kretzman, IT veteran, shares his insights and experiences, providing a CIO/CTO perspective on topics such as managing technical staff and business/IT alignment.
  21. Gestalt IT – An extensive guide for maintaining and executing best practices for IT infrastructure that examines news and trends with a technical perspective.
  22. RightScale – A comprehensive blog that outlines everything you need to know about the cloud–i.e. cloud management best practices, industry insights, cost analysis, enterprise cloud strategies, and news.
  23. Double Cloud – Steve Jin, veteran creator of cloud tools, produces a blog focused on the cloud (public & private), virtualization, software development, and all other related projects and products within the industry.
  24. CoolestGadgets – This blog collects information regarding any gadget to outline best practices, performance reviews, and more.
  25. Mac Rumors – Offers users analysis, news, and reviews regarding any and all Apple computer products and their software.
  26. James Hamilton’s Perspectives Blog – James Hamilton, a member of’s Web Services team, gives a crash course on all things cloud computing by examining trends and news and providing his insights and experiences.
  27. BC Strategies – Specifically focuses on everything UC for enterprises, Communications vendors, system integrators, and anyone interested in the subject. In doing so, this blog offers case studies, white papers, consulting services, planning information, news, and an online community of industry experts.
  28. Chuck Hollis’s IT Blog – This blog is authored by Chuck Hollis, Chief Strategist, VMware, and provides users with a professionals insights and analysis on all things IT.

Mobile Device Guidebooks

  1. Mobile Burn – Shares insights through extensive hands-on reviews of cell phones, smart phones, tablets, and all other related tech—i.e. Bluetooth devices. In addition to this, the blog also tries to incorporate as much news as possible too.
  2. Into Mobile – A comprehensive and in-depth look at devices and apps across every mobile platform—i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows phones.
  3. Marketing Tech Blog – Insights on mobile tech and tablets–i.e. marketing trends, practices, services, etc.–through the use of articles, infographics, and other informational resources.
  4. All About Symbian – News, reviews, forums, and more all regarding mobile technologies, applications, services, software, devices, etc.
  5. Cool Smartphone – A comprehensive guide that outlines major practices and uses of smartphones and smartphone software.
  6. Droid Life – Another droid centric blog that details news, reviews, and experiences regarding all droid phones and other devices.

VoIP professionals want to be as informed as they can be; therefore, it’s important to look outside the box. The blogs above denote different news, best practices, and information; however, they are still central to VoIP. How? By knowing the trends in IT, the functionalities of smartphones/tablets, etc. VoIP users can better prepare themselves.  As such, the aforementioned blogs are sure to stir your interest in one way or another.