More often than not, providers cater their services to either small or enterprise level businesses. Sure, there are a lot of services addressed to small and medium sized businesses; however, few specifically account for midsize businesses’ needs. As such, these businesses are often left to fit into solutions that are either too big and expansive or too small and reductive. Though this may not sound like that big a deal, flexibility, scalability, and customization are primary advantages of VoIP service. As midsize businesses fit into different sized solutions, these benefits are utterly neutralized. Now I’m not saying all providers are guilty of neglect; however, I am saying that there is a general lack of midsize-centric options. With this in mind, Digium, an Asterisk software, telephony hardware, and Switchvox business phone systems provider, looks set to change this

Digium has announced the availability of two new Switchvox phone systems, the 450 and 470—which are specifically cater to the IP phone needs of midsized businesses. “The Switchvox 400 series includes all enterprise-class Unified Communications features at one affordable price, making it the best value in business phone systems. Supporting up to 600 users in a single system the 400 series provides more powerful processing for more demanding applications.” As such, both the 450 and 470 are designed to better account for the number of employees as well as the functional needs of midsize businesses.

In doing so, the 400 series looks ideally fit to account for businesses’ employees count as well as functional needs. The 450 offers a quality full-featured IP PBX that’s able to support up to 500 users in a single platform. Additionally, the 470 is able to support up to 600 users in a single platform. Aside from handling a greater number of users, both devices offer more expansive memory, cutting edge processors, advanced RAID options, and solid state drives (SSD)—all of which serves to better augment the number of calls supported by previous devices.

Typically, midsized businesses are defined as such by having an employee count between 100 and 999. Additionally, those with 100 or fewer employees are widely considered small. With these approximations in mind, there’s very little room for flexibility and scalability; therefore, users should consider a number of questions before selecting their provider. In doing so, businesses better know their needs, and will be better suited to choose the best available option. For example, if a medium sized business has 90 users, but is growing, they may need more than a small business service can offer. Inversely, if a midsize business has a stable amount of users, they benefit from deploying a small business service. Regardless, in better defining the essential requirements, midsize businesses are better able to weigh their options.

Though some midsized businesses are able to function efficiently and effectively fit inside services, there is definitely a need for more versatility. That being said, Digium’s devices look to offer just that. The Switchvox 450 and 470 are both complete UC business phone systems designed with the midsize business in mind. Currently, the 450 system retails at $9,850 USD, and the 470 at $12,875 USD.