As a business owner, one is always looking for ways to make their business thrive at the lowest possible cost. With rapidly improving technology and an influx of change within the business community, it’s important that one has all the necessary information in order to make educated decisions on what they can do to achieve success. With that in mind, you probably wonder on a daily basis about the small changes you can make that will allow you to reach your goals. Well, let me make the process a little easier for you, use VoIP.

It’s 2013, not 1975; therefore, businesses don’t have to tolerate traditional phone systems, tons of bulky cables and cords, circuit switchboards, or any of the constant issues included with these systems. Instead, users can utilize VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a technology that transmits voices over the Internet as data.

That being said, here are 3 reasons why a VoIP system is cooler than a traditional secretary!

Side note: Read this in the privacy of your office or at home because it’s rumored that secretaries have feelings and we don’t want them to get upset, right?

Number One: Boost Employee Morale
Your VoIP System Does Not Have An Attitude Problem. As I stated before, it appears that secretaries have feelings and some even have attitude problems. For VoIP, that’s never the case, as its super user friendly for you and all of your employees.

First off, the technology of VoIP is already integrated into the systems that your employees are using, such as applications on mobile devices and various websites. This technology will make sure that all of those who work for you are happy; especially if you have a bunch of Millennial and tech savvy employees.

The advanced call-forwarding and simultaneous ring feature is also awesome, as one is able to get incoming calls at not only different locations, but on different phones. No matter what type of business one has, it’s common that people will be in and out of the office throughout the workweek, so this is amazing to have for those who travel a lot.

Have you ever had a secretary that didn’t know how to forward a call? Not cool.

Number Two: Simplify Your Infrastructure
Your VoIP System Does Not Have Baggage. By baggage, I mean the endless amounts of cords, plugs and switches that are needed for a traditional phone system. The larger the office, the larger the problems, as so it seems.

With a VoIP system, there are some minimal issues; however, they dim in comparison to what is expected from a traditional phone system. Additionally, Cloud phone systems give you the option to have all equipment hosted virtually at the provider’s data center. However, in the case that an issue does arise, it’s a simple process that can be taken care of quickly and easily.

Even better, it can be dealt with by the service provider remotely. Phone switches and the maintenance are also very costly, which is something one is able to avoid with business VoIP.

Number Three: Boost Your Personal Image
VoIP Will Make You Look Cool To Your Kids. Does your secretary do that? Unless you have a Disney channel star or a member of One Direction working at the front desk, the answer is probably “no.”

Its 2013, not 1975. Odds are your kids are actively engaged with the Internet. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other type of technology they use, here’s our chance to be a cool mom or dad and tell them about the advanced technology of VoIP, and how, in a way, you are always connected to the Internet.

You’ll drag yourself out of the Stone Age and be seen as a hip parent. Soon enough, they may even allow you to be seen in public with them.

As a busy professional, one does not have time to deal with traditional phone issues, or the “baggage” that comes along with it. More so, the productivity of your workers should be of high importance, and with VoIP, you’ll never have to worry.

While this article is a funny approach to why you should get VoIP, the negatives of having a traditional phone line for your business is no laughing matter. By utilizing this website, you will be able to familiarize yourself with not only important information, but a plethora of facts and resources that will assist you on your VoIP journey. Once you take that step, you will be closer to making yourself – as well as your employees – much happier and stress free!

Further, if there is a question you are unable to find answered on the site, feel free to reach out to us; we’d love to hear from you.

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