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It shouldn’t be this difficult. All we really want to do is talk to people. We want to start our computers, open the program, and make our calls over our internet connection. In some cases, we may just want to pick up the phone and make an old fashioned phone call that happens to use the internet to transmit our voices.

Either way, it would seem that choosing a VoIP provider is harder than it needs to be. The truth of the matter is that picking a product or service online can be more daunting than making a choice in a store.

Our discussion channel on #GetVoIP, is a live Q+A is a broadcast via Google Hangouts supported with a live Twitter chat.

Questions to follow a round of introductions: We will prepare some handouts for you to keep track of all the useful information on this subject – so check back, this post will be edited for downloadable material!

  1. Introduce yourself!  #SMB #CEO #smallbusiness #techies
  2. What type of review would best help you with your VoIP service provider decisions?
  3. What can VoIP service providers do to help you find information?
  4. Misconceptions – the fun part, What’s wrong with some traditional visualizations of VoIP?

Keep an eye on this blog page as details get added to see who’s joining in! We are looking forward to giving you all a spot here in the live broadcast – so make sure you jump in

 Video Call

#GetVoIP hangout will be hosted by @GetVoIPreviews.

Our team to welcome you and help you in the live chat are:

Reuben Yonaten – Editor in Chief from GetVoIP, your host and guide for the GetVoIP hangout

Michael Ventimiglia – Expert writer on the Communications and VoIP industry

Eric Archer Smith – Star guest VoIP Evangelist from 8×8, Inc.

@JulianaPayson – She’ll be making sure you can join in the hangout, as well as moderating and prompting the questions. Bug her if you get stuck and she’ll help you on board.

How to Find the #GetVoIP hangout

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Our Hangouts are LIVE and recorded. As such you will be prompted to give permission to be recorded upon joining the hangout. Since the hangout is recorded, it is not an open public forum. Attendance is by invitation only, which you will receive from Juliana once adding us on Google plus. Finally, do not worry if you don’t make it on board, the hangout will be available to watch below. Further transcripts and handouts will be updated and credited.

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