Utilizing an online portal can sometimes be tricky for users. As many web based portals fall short of user expectations, and others seem inoperable, many providers fail to walk the line. Now, however, with an sleek update, Vocalocity has revamped its administrative portal and it is most definitely for the better. Where the company has always endorsed a simple and accessible infrastructure, their new portal now reflects these qualities. Previously, most options were grouped together without much organization. Under this loose categorical breakdown, users would jump all over their account–making navigation a bit clumsy. While the portal was operable, and accessible in its own right, the new upgrade is a welcomed change. Now, users will find navigation to be much more direct through new setting features available directly on the login/welcome page.

For example, at the top center of the page is a graph that displays all the calls by time and number. On the bottom, times range from 12am to 10p. To the left are numbers, 0, 3, 5, 8, and 10, which represent the number of calls between those times.

This is immediately visible when logging in; therefore, users can monitor their call history easily and thoroughly right from the portal homepage. Along with this, the homepage features more sensitive account information as well—i.e. Customer Summary, which includes account number, name, status, billing date, past due amount, previous balance, contact name, date created, and payment method; as well as My Account Services, which include service name and the number of extensions, phone numbers, virtual receptionists, and call parks. These options are located towards the bottom of the page.

In addition to account information, users can access all the functions of their account via a set of shortcuts that include “My Statements,” “My Reports,” “My Extensions,” “My Receptionists,” and “My Users.” Like all shortcuts, each leads users directly to the corresponding mode; however, each new page organizes information that is privy to that category. For example, the Extensions shortcut takes users to a page where one can filter and view their full extensions list.

Additionally, this page comes with a list of active options, which include PBX Summary, Users, Voicemails, Phone Numbers, Virtual Receptionists, Conference Bridges, Groups, Call Queues, Recordings, Call Monitoring, Faxes, and PBX Settings. Each of these categories is active and redirects the user to the corresponding page where one can view, search, activate/deactivate, and/or otherwise view/edit each item.

While the homepage lists a lot of general information, each shortcut is more specific. Like the Extensions shortcut above, each icon brings a different page, each with different submenus. For example, the Statements page lists statements by date ended on and amount. Additionally, to the left users can select from recent orders, credit card information, and service plans. Again, users can view and edit each as they need.

With this layout, all information is more thoroughly organized; therefore, users can more effectively manage their accounts. Each shortcut page opens and includes all relative information, making it easier to keep track of all aspects of the system.

Aside from the portal’s homepage, there are shortcut icons assigned to the top of each page.These include Home, Phone System, Reports, Billing, and Account Settings. This makes it much easier for users to jump around to various aspects of their account without having to first return to the homepage. Also, separate from these users can jump to the dashboard or Company-wide statistics via a set of icons to the top right of each page.

Vocalocity’s updated administrative portal is designed to utilize ease of use for every user. While the portal has a host of management options and account/service information, it also helps connect users to the support resources as well. That being said, users should note that the homepage offers a video tour of the new portal, as well as Help, System Status, and Blog icons to better direct users. All in all the update is a big improvement. With a simple display and support readily available, the online portal is primed for both new and experienced users.

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