Broadvox has announced their plans to offer the Call Bursting feature along with their roster of add on features available with their SIP Trunking solution. The newest feature allows users to better utilize call times, meaning that users who select Call Bursting will  be able to “utilize additional call sessions beyond the amount purchased for peak calling times.” While this may not sound like that viable an option, it can ultimately prove a very useful tool for call management. For example, during a snow storm a school (or workplace) may experience boosted call activity due to students/parents and/or workers calling to see if the establishment will be open. As such,
call bursting can help users manage these sporadic pockets of increased calling activity.

Broadvox’s SIP trunking features a wide host of features that help users better equip their systems fr flexibility. The call bursting feature continues on that idea; however, unlike many of the other features, this one isn’t for everyone. Call bursting is a very specific feature with a very particular function; therefore, it caters to a specific group of users. For users who regularly experience higher amounts of call traffic, this solution is definitely worth your attention. For users with lower call traffic there isn’t much this feature could offer. In regards to the users who fall under the former classification, Broadvox stands unique from competitors in offering this service.

Aside from adding the new feature to their ranks, Broadvox recently issued a new 30 customer satisfaction guarantee. With this, the provider seems determined to stress their continued emphasis on quality along with expanding their offerings. While other providers may stretch themselves too thin, offering too much, Broadvox looks to build without loosing the integrity of their service. While the latest expansion of features may not be suited for everyone, users can expect continued quality service along with new innovations.

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