Polycom is on the move yet again. After a number of high profile releases—the most recent being their next generation Business Media Phones—the UC provider has announced another new addition to their line, the SoundStation Connect platform. Polycom is known for providing high tier audio conferencing service for users. Now, the provider looks to take this one step further by expanding the range of function. Polycom’s SoundStation Connect allows users to bring/access their Polycom service wherever they go.

While a number of providers have been pursuing the mobilizing of services, Polycom’s new platform looks to do so by utilizing existing technologies that optimize ease of use; therefore, users that fear any additional equipment operations and costs do not have to worry. The SoundStation Connect, much like other Polycom tech, employs simple plug-and-play technology. This means that users need only plug the Soundstation into any USB port (laptop or desktop). Once this is done, users employing softphone apps (i.e. Polycom RealPresence Desktop 2.0, Microsoft Lync, or IBM Sametime) will be able to utilize Polycom’s HD audio conferencing service from the office, from home, or while traveling.

The main function of Polycom’s SoundStation works to increase mobility and accessibility of a high quality solution. In doing so, the device offers a number of benefits to users including high quality, clear conversations, easy deployment, vast interoperability, ease of use and accessibility, and greater mobility. While this sounds great, how exactly can the provider include all this? The SoundStation Connect works off of Polycom’s Voice tech; therefore, it includes the same features. For example, as Polycom Voice tech reduces echo, feedback, and background noise (mic pickup of up to 7 ft.), SoundStation works to do the same. Also, in regard to ease of use, the SoundStation utilizes accessible controls and user interface, which not only makes usability easier, but mobility easier as well.

Functionality and feature aside, Polycom’s SoundStation Connect does have a target demographic—i.e. groups in small to midsize rooms; however, with this the intended audience, use varies greatly. Jim Kruger, Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing at Polycom, states, “SoundStation Connect is ideal for groups of people in small to midsize rooms such as salespeople and customers in a huddle room, patients and doctors in an office, or creative designers and ad experts in a brainstorm area.” With this, users should take away that the solution can be used for a number of tasks as long as the its application stays within the designated range and amount of users.

For users using Polycom already, the SoundStation Connect looks to be a nice addition. With greater mobility and quality in tow, the solution also implores tremendous interoperability; therefore, users do not have to worry about additional hardware/equipment costs. Polycom’s SoundStation Connect will be available in select countries worldwide in the second Quarter of 2013, and will retail at around $299 USD. Though users may be weary of the price tag, the provider looks to have packed quite enough bang for your buck. Polycom shows no signs of slowing down in 2013. Hot off the heels of selling over 10 million devices, the provider still seems insatiable. Though their new solution isn’t for everyone (i.e. users with larger staff, bigger businesses, etc.), it is most definitely viable.