Grandstream has updated their award-winning GXP2200 phone to extend overall operability and functionality. While the device has already proved to be a solid entry in the company’s portfolio, ultimately it has been plagued by dense installation and a lack of compatibility. Now, however the company looks set to change all that with an update of their firmware, which expands upon menu options/functionality, navigation, display, and keyboard. While updates and upgrades are common for these devices, Grandstream looks determined to set their device one cut above the rest. Yet, despite this sentiment, do these updates really change all that much?

The answer is yes. Even prior to this upgrade, Grandstream delivered a phone equipped with quality, value, accessibility, and feature. While the GXP2200 may have fallen short in regards to installation and (as stated above) compatibility, these firmware updates look to remedy these issues. In  updating their firmware to the version, the company looks to fix a number of pre-existing bugs from previous firmware versions including the message process, time/date settings, button layout, WiFi set up and notifications, shortcuts, and more. Aside from fixing problems, the new firmware also looks to make additions including added support for generic configuration file cfg.xml and added MPK/extension board support.

]Aside from fixing glitches, Grandstream has better equipped its GXP2200 platform to utilize the home screen and menu much more efficiently. For example, now users are able to “edit” widgets and shortcuts directly from the home screen by using the hard menu key. Additionally, there are even more preference display options available—i.e. a screen saver slideshow of photos stored in a local directory. Along with functionality and cosmetic appeal, another big change lies within the keyboard. Aside from auto-capitalization, which previously existed, the keyboard is privy to predictive text—a word completion feature. While these upgrades are vast, they merely expand upon a quality base. As stated above, the GXP2200 suffered from a heavy installation process. The GXP2200 phones do not come pre-configured; therefore, users need to do this manually. This can be a little complicated. In configuring the phone, users have to choose what they want to use—i.e. Web Browser or Touch Screen. Both options contain a very different installation process and while neither is particularly complicated, both are lengthy. For example, in configuring the phone via Touch screen, users must navigate through a long series of menus. Additionally, users must also configure any and all additional settings (for example, Static IP), and in some cases reach out to their Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) for additional settings that may be necessary.

Grandstream’s firmware update eases the installation process up a bit. Though users will still need to manually configure their phones, updating and maintaining the device is much simpler.  Users can opt to download the update directly from the website (and host it in a local server); however, this method can be unnecessarily problematic. This is a BETA update; therefore, the download may not occur directly from the company’s server. Instead, users should download the Update directly on their device. In doing so, users use their touch screen menu to select Settings> Advanced Settings>Update. Once Update is selected, users will need to enter their method—i.e. via HTTP or TFTP—and Firmware Server Path. When this is done, select Save>Apply> and Reboot. Your device will reboot and your updated firmware will have been successfully installed.

Grandstream’s GXP2200 is a great desktop Anrodid Phone. Though it doesn’t come pre-configured, it does include a ton of features—including the Google Play Store; therefore, users can download any Android App directly to the phone. Again installation/configuration can be a bit dense, but its definitely worth it. The firmware update does a lot to improve upon the various features and functions of the phone. While some additions may seem minute, they are definitely worth noting—i.e. the menu hard key’s increased functionality.  With this in mind, Grandstream’s GXP2200 Enterprise Multimedia Phone is definitely worth your attention.