Amidst an endless sea of VoIP adapters, Amped Wireless’ PLA2 adapters—which are a part of the PLA2 Powerline Nano AV500 1-Port Network Adapter Kit—look to raise the bar considerably. Different from VoIP ATA adapters, the PLA2s are two Ethernet adapters designed to transform any electrical outlet into a viable network connection. While this might sound a little too good to be true (especially when considering the $99.00 price tag) these adapters employ simple plug-and-play technology—meaning there’s no need for additional equipment/software. Instead, the PLA2 adapters utilize users’ existing power outlets and devices. In using these devices, all users need to do is plug one adapter in the outlet and connect the adapter to a router. Then, plug the second adapter to another outlet and connect the adapter to a network device. That’s it. When this is done, users’ networks will be extended to any room.

Users’ networks are very important in both business and residential uses. Having a network that is fully functional throughout your entire home or office space is absolutely essential; however, it may not always be the case. If so, Amped Wireless provides users with a quality solution that’s devoid of all intricacy. Aside from easy set up, the paired adaptors utilize their size also. Some users may be concerned with outlet space; however, the PLA2 have a compact design as well as a “pass-through” socket, which leaves outlets open for other uses. Thusly, users will never have to choose between working Internet and another device. Additionally, these adapters can work to boost and extend users’ WiFi as well. Though metal and concrete can often prove troublesome for signal, the PLA2 adapters can be paired with the “High Power WiFi Access Points” to extend WiFi signal.

Nowadays, a working Internet connection is an absolute necessity; therefore, it’s important for users to make sure their networks are strong, expansive, and quality. If they aren’t, users need to address the problem immediately. More importantly, they need to find a remedy. Amped Wireless’ PLA2 adapters are a quick and easy solution. Many users, both residential and business, may not have the technical expertise and/or know-how of how to set up a network expanding solution. Amped Wireless acknowledges this and has thusly created a truly accessible and universal solution. For example, users can use these adapters to connect A/V devices or game consoles. In this example, business VoIP users can optimize it for video web conferencing, while residential users can optimize their Smart TVs for Skype calls. Inversely, business users can use the adapters to generate a web based video presentation, while residential users connect their next-gen gaming console to the appropriate online community (i.e. Playstation Network, Xbox Live, etc.).

In providing such a unique and accessible solution, some users may be concerned with quality and security; however, here they need not be. The PLA2 comes equipped with security redundancies including 128-bit encryption, which protects network traffic from outside sources/intruders. In terms of quality, the adapters are capable of achieving speeds upwards of 500 mbps. While there are “new” and “revolutionary” devices released every day, some devices may actually be worth your time and money. With that, Amped Wireless’ PLA2 adapters offer users quite the bang for their buck. Whether your business workspace needs wider (or better) connectivity, or your game console in the living room needs online access, the PLA2 adapter appears as a viable solution for any user.

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