There are many things that come in a box, with few of them being all-encompassing. A VoIP Office-in-a-Box Solution is quite the opposite, covering all ground from home offices to medium enterprises. By using the functionality  of an IP-PBX, Data router, Wi-Fi access point, VoIP-GSM gateway, plus VPN and Firewall Security, these solutions do virtually everything. Consider it a small server with networking capability, facilitating communications in a compact and talented little platform. With 4G LTE readying to deploy, the telecom industry will be undergoing significant change – expect these solutions to gain more popularity amidst this shift as companies continue to seek low cost of ownership with high functionality.

Connectivity Options of an Office-in-a-Box Solution

At the recent ITExpo in Miami, Florida, the Navan CNX200 Office-in-a-Box by Matrix was declared as Best of Show by TMC, and inarguably so for it’s sleek, compact networking muscle. AT&T also introduced ‘business in a box’ a few years ago, with fully integrated voice & data service, Wi-Fi, and web-based administration. In any instance, using these systems results in considerable cost savings, eliminating the need for any racks of equipment, and a high level of mobility. Smartphones can be turned into office extensions, along with IP Phones, softphones, and legacy phones.

These systems also create a powerful private network, built for high speed web surfing, making/receiving calls using VoIP/GSM/PSTN, plus options for presence and instant messaging. There are also the same capabilities of regular VoIP service using voicemail, auto-attendant, forwarding, and more through administrative web-based portals. An office-in-the-box solution is compact and converged, taking the technicalities out of system management and installation. There is also integration of voice and data together to offer managed communication services, either over broadband internet over leased line or 3G/HSPA/LTE.

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