Nextiva, along with most other business VoIP providers, offers a host of quality features and services. However, unlike other providers, Nextiva VoIP services–like faxing, business voicemail greetings and contact importing— are easy to setup/use. Amongst these features, however, is the Auto Attendant system/service. The Auto Attendant system works as an automated receptionist/operator that answers calls and connects callers to a directory, operator, extension, and/or other configurable departments. While this feature may not sound impressive—especially as many have been at the mercy of a larger company’s—this system enables companies to handle larger call volumes, as well as more efficiently handle customers on an individual basis.

Function(s), feature(s), and advantage(s) aside, Auto Attendant systems are easy to setup, maintain, and even modify; therefore, there isn’t much of a reason not implement one. That being said, Nextiva’s Auto Attendant can be set up in three simple steps:
1. Go to Nextiva’s website, log in to the NextOS Portal, and select services
2. Once there, go to Settings. Then once under settings go to basic Basic and select Auto Attendant3. Finally, under Click Addresses to assign your attendant a main telephone or extension

In doing this, users will have successfully attached the desired number and extensions to the attendant. Once the attendant is setup, users can access the system the same way (Settings>Basic>Auto Attendant) through the NextOS Portal to customize settings. From here users are able to:

– Add new contacts and apply changes
– Modify existing contacts
– Setup business hour menus

Also, as the auto attendant system allows for personal greetings, Nextiva allows users to record their own personal greeting. To do this, dial 9999 from any phone on the Nextiva system. This will take you to the Voicemail portal. Once there, press the * key, you’ll be asked for the mailbox ID—type 9999 again then enter your PIN—which should be 0000 unless previously changed. From here you’ll be asked to start recording your greeting for business hours and/or after hours. You can review each attempt—then, select the one you like and exit the portal.

Advanced auto attendant capability is available in all Nextiva plans. The provider gives users all the tools they need to get the most of their auto attendant.  Though the NextOS Portal can be tricky to navigate, the provider offers a number of customer support options to help guide users.