In business for slightly over a decade, Yealink have quickly established themselves as a widely trusted, affordable provider of VoIP solutions for well¬†over 140 countries. Bringing the best to contact centers, SMBs, and others only scrapes the surface of their impact across the industry, which also includes some great new hardware with unique, capable design. The Global Top 5 SIP Phone Supplier touted a beautiful booth in the exhibit hall, demoing some of their most advanced and popular products.A number of their newest offerings were on display, including the IP Phone T2 and T3 series, and DECT W52P, which I’ll discuss in a moment. One of the most appealing of the new products was their IP Video Phone, the VP530. Not only sleek, it’s speedy, with a powerful processor and application-ready engineering.


Retailing for a very reasonable $389.99 (available now), it would be a gross understatement to say that you get a bang for your buck with this video phone. The keys are incredibly responsive, with a gentle spring to them – maybe not important to some, but as a long-time gamer, this plays a part in my evaluation of all electronics. The powerful IT DaVinci Engine comes to life with each menu cycle, with navigation being seamless and familiar from the start. The video-in-video display for calling is also a nice touch, and some users will find the familiarity of Skype in the interface, with a comparable resolution. A nifty little touch that the executive and administrative (front desk) set might enjoy is a built-in application for buzzing in visitors with the touch of a finger.

Technical Specs

  • 7″ TFT-LCD Touch Screen (800×480)
  • 2MP CMOS Senor Cam
  • PoE
  • SMS (if applicable)
  • USB/SD
  • AV Out
  • Bluetooth
  • TI DaVinci Dual-Core Chipset
  • 128 MB flash & 256 MB DDR2 Memory
  • HD Voice w/ up to CIF@30fps smooth video (with H.264 codec)
  • 3-way audio conference, video calling
  • XML & LDAP Remote central phonebook
  • Soft DSS screen with BLF, SRTP/TLX/HTTPS and auto provision via FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTP for mass deployment


Designed with small business and home application in mind, the Yealink DECT W52 is an intelligently designed SIP cordless phone system. DECT phones have been a rather one-dimensional availability, until now…as Yealink have clearly been paying attention over the past decade. When we learned about the capabilities of the DECT phone, we instantly desired one for our own offices. High quality and compatibility make it one of the best ‘portable VoIP’ phones to date leveraging a full duplex speakerphone in G.722 Bandwidth. The phone system has an eco mode to save money and the environment (every little bit does count), along PoE to it’s powerful base – the first PoE DECT phone to date. Wirelessly importing contacts to the associated base automatically transfers them to the attached phone, taking the arthritic effort out of adding contacts through the phone itself. The DECT W52 is truly something to get excited about, and will be released on February 18, 2013, at an MSRP of $185.99…keep it on your radar.

Technical Specs

  • HD Voice (HD Codec/Handset/Speaker)
  • 1.8″ Color LCD (128×160 TFT)
  • Full-Duplex Speakerphone with AEC
  • 5 Concurrent Calls
  • 3-Way Conference/Remote Phonebook/Call Hold/Call Waiting/Call Transfer/Call Forward/Voicemail/Speed Dial
  • Up to 5 Handsets
  • 10 Hours of Talk Time, 100 Hours Standby
  • HTTPS/TLS/SRTP/AES/3-Level Privilege
  • Low-Carbon Emission

Yealink are fast moving from a household name to an industry favorite, as many attendees flocked to their booth to get a closer look at what the buzz was all about. All of their offerings are substantially less at retail than one would expect to hear after surveying their extensive capabilities and thoughtful design. By making affordable, feature-rich, powerful products, Yealink have really found their niche for companies that are looking to breakthrough with breaking the bank. Without a doubt, we’ll be looking into outfitting our office with Yealink solutions as soon as the moment presents. Keep an eye on them as 2013 starts to progress…