Many users look for platforms that support a comprehensive contact list. In doing this, many users wish to integrate their contact list from various sources to one location, here, for example, Google Voice. Google Voice provides users with the ability to make VoIP calls, store contacts, and ultimately to integrate those contacts into other platforms. For example, Google Voice can integrate with GrandCentral, Yahoo, Hotmail, Orkut, Outlook, and many other systems.

With Google Voice, users can integrate contacts easily by signing in to Google Voice, clicking Contacts on any Google Voice page, then clicking Import in the top right portion of the Contacts section, and finally clicking the Browse button and finding the CSV file to upload. Once this is done users can select the file and click the Import button and your contacts should be transferred to Google Voice. Users should note that with this method of integration only 3000 contacts can be imported at a time. If more are needed, users must create a new CSV file.

Integration is very important in maintaining an up to date and cohesive contact list. Aside from integrating using Google Voice, users can utilize the Google Sync application. Google Sync requires only a user account, which you will need in using Google Voice. The sync application allows users to sync their Google services including calendar, mail, contacts, and more to mobile phones, desktop programs, tablets, and more. Ultimately, this service allows for all your Google account information to be made available through a number of different devices and locations.

While Google sync can be used to sync a number of different devices with your Google Voice Contacts, users’ home phones can also access contacts through remote access. To do this, users need to: go to the Google Voice homepage under Resources and sign in if you have not already. Next, click the small gear in the top right of the logged-in screen and choose “Voice Settings.” Once you this is done select the “Phone” tab and then the “Edit” option. Click on “Show Advanced Settings” to bring up a list of available phone numbers. If needed, click the “Add” link and add your home phone number. Lastly, select “Yes” under the “Voicemail Access” heading under the entry for your home phone and choose to require your Google Voice pin or not. Click “OK” or “Save” to finish.

If users do not want to enable their account with remote access, they can also call their Google Voice account from their home number. To do this, users just have to call their Google Voice number (which is the number created when users first register for the account). From here users sign into the voicemail system where they can either call a contact (from their Google Voice Contact list) or listen to other menu options.

As mentioned above there are a number of different platforms that can be utilized in syncing Google Voice Contacts. Whether users wish to sync their contacts to desktop applications, their landline, mobile phones (iOS and Android), or other service accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), Google Voice makes this possible. Though it can be a little technical at times, Google offers a customer contact center that will be able to assist in any problems that may arise.

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