Selecting a residential VoIP provider can be difficult, especially when there’s an abundance of service plans, features, and providers. To make it easier, we’ve taken tow providers, Phone Power and Callcentric, and placed them in a head-to-head comparison to help you weigh your options.

Services Compared Callcentric
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Phone Power
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Month to Month Price $29.50 per month $19.95 per month
Amount of Lines Per Price Tier N/A Free Cloned Second Line with each plan
Monthly Price per Extension Varies by option- requires sign in for quotes $29.99/mo, minimum 5 lines
Activation Free Free
Paid Add-on Features Yes: toll free phone numbers, international phone number, alternate numbers, local number portability, toll free number portability, and vanity toll free number search Yes:operator dialing, 411 directory assistance, direct international calling, virtual numbers, toll free numbers, and add a line
Free Mobile App Community iPhone, Android iPhone mobile app, plus mobile online portal and online account manager
Tech Support Hours & Location Phone: N/A
Web:FAQ, Setup Guides, Email Tickets
Phone: Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm ET-US Based
Included Calling Area US, Canada, Puerto Rico Unlimited US/Canada Calling
International Rates Available
Call Notifications N/A Yes
Voicemail Transcription N/A Voicemail Viewer Free
Softphone N/A Yes
Toll Free # Free for limited time; $25.00 typically $5.00 per month + $0.04/minute
Equipment Fee/Leasing N/A Free
Setup Fee Yes- varies depending on service selected range from $0-$19.95 Yes: S&H and Surcharges
Minimal Subscription Option Month-to-Month Month-to-Month
Savings with Annual Subscription (one-year commitment) N/A One year: $199.95 ($8.33 monthly average) get the second year free
Money Back Guarantee N/A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Metered Price Outbound: 500 minutes for $6.95; 1000 for $12.95; $1.50 activation fee
Inbound: PPM: $1.95 + $0.015/min,
BYOD Option Yes, suggested Obi 202 Yes
Conference Call 4-Way Calling 3-Way Calling
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Shared Features: Do Not Disturb, Anonymous Caller Rejection, Number Porting, BYOD Option, Conference Calling, Toll Free Number, Web Based Tech Support, Paid Add-On Features, Month to Month Pricing, Online Management Page, 911, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID with Name, Caller ID Blocking, Caller ID Delivery, Caller ID with Name, Click2Dial, Customer Caller ID, Directory Assistance, Simultaneous Ringing, Unlimited In Network Calling, Voicemail.

Phone Power Exclusive Features: Free Second line, Free International Minutes, Voicemail Transcription, Web Based Call Logs, Remote Voicemail Access, Incoming Call Routing, Block List, Incoming and Outgoing Caller ID with Name, Contact List, Call Hold, Softphone, 7,10,& 11 Dialing, *69 Call Return, 3-Way Conference Calling, Refer A Friend, 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, Bandwidth Saver, 211 Community Service, 311 City Service, 811 Call Before You Dig Service, International Call Block, Failsafe, 511 Traveler Information, Call Notifications, Annual Subscription Option, Phone and Web Based Support

CallCentric Exclusive Features: Users can choose service for receiving calls or making calls, as well as both together. Additionally, iNum Numbers iNum Calling, IP Whitelist, Last Number Redial, Network Down Forward, Fax Reception, External Caller ID, DID Forwarding, Android App, Call Treatments, Call Return, Call Hunting, 4-Way Calling, Metered Pricing, Calling Card, Caller ID Pass Through, SIP Trunking, Unlimited SIP URI Calling, Vanity toll Free Number Search, Alternate Numbers.

Both providers offer a vast array of features. CallCentric allows users to cut their plan in half in selecting either just receiving or just making calls. Additionally, users can combine these services together. This ultimately allows for greater cost efficiency as users can more easily mix and match their service. Callcentric also offers a number of SIP features that are not included with Phone Power. Ultimately, CallCentric supplies users with a variety of simple and advanced features; however, many of the features do not appear accessible.

In contrast Phone Power offers yearly contracts, which allow for cost efficiency as well. Additionally, the Phone Power services range a broad spectrum; however many are more accessible and familiar to users. Phone Power caters to the user on an individual level through offering call services, contact lists, and auxiliary backups (Failsafe). This provider also appeals to the individual through incentives like satisfaction guarantees, as well as Refer a Friend. In terms of universality, Phone Power also offers a softphone solution that enables users to make calls through their computers.

While both providers offer a ton of services and features, Phone Power constructs a more general set of quality features. Many of the CallCentric features are specific, which is good for users looking for those certain features; however, in terms of quality, inclusiveness, and general coverage, Phone Power has the edge.