RingCentral, a leading VoIP services provider, currently offers an Internet Fax service through CLEAR. CLEAR Internet Fax is powered by RingCentral, and offers a wide range of services/features that ultimately allows users to receive faxes in their email boxes, and fax any document from within any Microsoft Windows application. Now, however, RingCentral has announced that as of March 15th, 2013, their CLEAR Internet Fax service will no longer be available to customers. Instead, the company will be discontinuing the service altogether. While RingCentral will not be discontinuing its Internet fax service altogether, it will be canceling this route.

The CLEAR Internet fax service comes equipped with all of the industry’s standard features including: toll free or local number, fax from any application, secure fax connection, integrates with Outlook, free fax software, edit and sign faxes electronically, receives faxes as email, detailed fax logs, customer support, online account manager, receive faxes online, and get alerts directly to user’s phone. Aside from features though, CLEAR also offers plan and pricing flexibility. CLEAR offers three primary plans, each varying based on included number of pages. Options include: 500 pages per month at $9.99 (5.9¢ additional page), 1000 pages per month at $24.99 (4.9¢ additional page), and 2500 pages per month at $59.99 (3.9¢ additional page). Additionally, all plans include the same host features.

Despite CLEAR’s options and flexibility, the service will be discontinued. In regards to that, RingCentral prompts users to action in order to ensure the continuity of thier internet fax services beyond March 15th, 2013.

In doing so, the VoIP provider has issued a statement that includes the responsibilities of the user to ensure their continued service. These responsibilities include:
1. To select a newly desired internet fax provider prior to March 15th, 2013, and
2. To contact directly that alternate internet fax provider prior to March 15th, 2013 in order to:
a) arrange alternate internet fax service, and
b) port user’s fax phone number(s) to that alternate provider

RingCentral states that failure to adhere to these responsibilities by the date indicated above will result in termination of the CLEAR Internet Fax Services shortly after the date. Subsequently, user’s fax services will no longer be operational. Any (or all) associated fax phone numbers may be lost and/or permanently reassigned. Users should contact CLEAR Customer Care at (866) 804-8697 to learn more about the current status and other details and important dates pertaining to their service. While contacting the above customer support, users have the option of speaking with knowledgeable representatives that are able to inform users of the different options in migrating existing internet fax services to RingCentral’s proprietary fax service platform.

RingCentral provides a number of quality Internet fax services, which include the same host of features as the CLEAR service. Additionally, the provider offers a variety of plans that are fit to cover the various needs of users. Pricing options also vary depending on the plan. User’s that are concerned with pricing and plan flexibility should find peace of mind knowing that most of RingCentral’s pricing, plans, and features mirror that of the CLEAR service. User’s that are interested in further exploring RingCentral’s options should defer to RingCentral’s support line at: 1-(888)-898-4591 (within US) or(800)-591-6543 (within Canada).

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