North Glengarry in Ontario, Canada has selected an exclusive provider to service the entire region. Since 2008, the Ontario township has been actively seeking a provider that would be able to unify its multiple locations including offices, fire stations, recreational areas, and administration groups. Now, they have seemingly found what they have been looking for. The township selected southern Ontario provider Easy Office Phone and their Hosted PBX service after a deeply intensive pilot program. Easy Office Phone will now provide sophisticated Hosted PBX service to the township’s municipal centers and staff. Collectively, this will encompass more than 10,600 residents.

Easy Office Phone offers Hosted PBX services that allow for greater cost efficiency and quality service. In addition to the service’s accessibility, scalability, and professional presence, the provider is equipped with an experienced and knowledgeable support staff that’s placed at the user’s disposal. Aside from staff and features, the provider offers a number of different service plans, which serve different needs. These plans include:
Dedicated Lines: good for small to medium sized businesses with moderate to heavy phone use and a for call centers and contact centers.
Shared Lines: good for businesses that have more employees, but whose staff does not typically need to be on the phone simultaneously.
Incoming Lines: good for companies that use a primarily mobile workforce—allows staff to receive multiple incoming calls at once with no busy signals.

In terms of pricing for these choices, each plan is subject to an individual quote. Easy Office Phone includes standard features, as well as add-on/optional features (which are subject to additional monthly pricing).

With all this in tow, the provider seemed a perfect fit for the township. As stated above, North Glengarry had been actively seeking better means for cost efficiency across its various centers since 2008. Before selecting a provider, each township location was paying for phone, fax, and internet services on an individual basis. This method led to great cost inefficiency throughout the township. Now, to counter costs, North Glengarry has turned to Easy Office Phone’s Hosted PBX service, which is projected to save taxpayers 80% of communications costs.

At the forefront of all of this is township IT manager, Rick Elderbroom. Elderbroom had led a tech-centered initiative to unify North Glengarry’s communications across its 17 municipal offices and service locations. In doing so, Elderbroom was a guiding hand ushering in unified service through Easy Office Phone. Elderbroom states, “We started this process looking for improvements to cost efficiencies, and Easy Office Phone has certainly delivered.” Additionally, the IT manager goes on to discuss how the provider has provided seamless integration of services, as well as value beyond pricing.

Easy Office Phone offers North Glengarry quality service, as well as greater cost efficiency. In unifying communications across the townships various locations, the provider will better support increased interconnectivity, as well as better utilize town funds. Choosing one provider not only alleviates financial burden, it better serve and connect all of the townships residents.