In terms of residential VoIP, there are a number of providers that offer various features with low pricing. Amongst these providers are Phone Power, and their child company, While both offer similar features and pricing, we have compared the two to determine which residential VoIP provider is best for you.

Features/Services Compared
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Phone Power
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Cost of Cheapest Service $12.50 per month ($145.95 prepaid)-1 Year, or $14.95 per month for two years ​$8.33 monthly average ($199.95 prepaid)- 1 year, 2nd year free, or $14.95 per month for two years
​Amount of Lines Per Price Tier Free Second Line with each plan ​Free Cloned Second Line with each plan
Monthly Price per Extension Free Second Line; Each tier subject to pricing per extension $29.99/mo, minimum 5 lines
Activation Free Free
​Paid Add-on Features Yes Yes
​Free Mobile App Community No mobile app; Online Account Manager iPhone mobile app, plus mobile online portal and online account manager
​Tech Support Hours & Location Phone: Mon-Fri: 9AM-9PM EST
US Based. Sat & Sun: 10AM-8PM EST. US Based
Phone: Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm ET-US Based
​Call Notifications N/A Yes
Voicemail Transcription Voicemail Viewer-Free Voicemail Viewer-Free
​Softphone Yes Yes
​Toll Free # $5.00 per month + $0.04/minute $5.00 per month + $0.04/minute
Cloud Integration ​Yes N/A
Option to Have Greetings Recorded by Professional Voice Actors ​N/A ​N/A
​Equipment Leasing N/A Free
Setup Fee Yes ​Yes
Minimal Subscription Option ​Month-to-Month Month-to-Month
​Savings with Annual Subscription (one-year commitment) No Annual Subscriptions Available One year: $199.95 ($8.33 monthly average) get the second year free
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Shared Features: Both services share a number of features, which include: Free calling to the US and Canada, BYOD Options, Shipping and Handling Fees, 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, Free Second Line (more available for additional cost), 60 free minutes for International Calling to select countries per month, tech support, additional paid features, $10.00 referral credit, Fax Options (Fax Catcher [free]- faxes received via voicemail where they’re collected as file to open view and print)

In terms of additional features, both companies offer the same seven add-ons: International Call Rates, Operator Dialing, 411 Directory Assistance, Direct International Calling, Virtual Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, and Add a Line. Pricing of the features is the generally the same for each feature; however, pricing can vary depending on the frequency of use (international calls, 411 directory use, direct international calling, etc.)

In terms of International calling, both providers include 60 free minutes a month to a designated list of countries. In addition to this Phone Power offers an International Plan that includes 20 Hours International Calling, over 45+ VoIP features, and a free 2nd line with Failsafe. The pricing for this plan is based off the term selected: One Year Term Prepaid: $179.95 (or $14.99 per month), 24 Month Term: 19.95 per month, 12 Month Term: $22.95 per month, and Month-to-Month: $24.95 per month. offers a similar plan called World Plan, which includes 1200 free minutes a month to a designated list of countries. Also includes free second line, Free US and Canada calling, and Number porting. In terms of pricing, the options are broken down the same way as Phone Power: One Year Prepaid: 179.95 (or $14.99 per month), 24 Month Term: 19.95 per month, 12 Month Term: $22.95 per month, and Month-to-Month: $24.95 per month.

Phone Power and both offer a number of features that are worth looking into. For example, the provider offers the addition of a cloned second line (with the same number). With the exception of a few features, offers the same set of standard features as Phone Power; however, they also charge the same pricing.

Phone Power Exclusive Features:
– Phone Power iPhone App: Mobile app that allows users to take their VoIP phone service with them, wherever they go.
– 511 Traveler Information: Provides information about local traffic, weather conditions, closures, and other important roadway conditions.
– Call Notifications: sends user(s) an email notification when someone is calling their line.
– Equipment Leasing: free lease of equipment to customers. For example, Phone Power two port home adapter. Exclusive Features: offers premium plans, which include the same services and features, plus premium onsite Geek Squad support. This feature applies to the installation and support of a user’s cloud PBX service. In addition to this support, this premium package has a higher price tag. For a 2 year plan with unlimited minutes and one extension, the charge is $22.95 per month (with additional charges for additional extensions). For a 1 year plan with unlimited minutes and 1 extension, the charge is $24.95 per month (again additional charges for additional extensions). Please note this service is only available in Los Angeles. Additionally, offer cloud integration, but only with business plans.Aside from this premium option, doesn’t offer anything Phone Power doesn’t come with.

As mentioned above, Phone Power is the parent company to In knowing this, one can see that Phone Power has a wider reach than Overall, Phone Power offers more bang for your buck. The provider offers a heavy set of features, full 7-day a week tech support, and competitive international rates. offers many of the same features and support; however, neither is as extensive as their parent company’s. Instead, offers a scaled back service. With pricing is generally even between the two, Phone Power seems to be the better route as the service expands on the features both offer and charges the same price.

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