Vonage is a telecommunications service that connects all user call through their high-speed internet connection, as opposed to a traditional phone line. In doing this, Vonage is able to save users money while still providing them with quality services. Vonage offers a number of different service plans that range in feature and intended use. Though they have a wide variety of service features and options, users may still want to cancel their service at some point. While cancellation terms and conditions are often tricky, Vonage offers generally straightforward terms that are both rigid and inclusive.

Before addressing the actual cancellation policy, it is important to first not that Vonage does issue a thirty (30) day money back guarantee. This thirty day period begins on a user’s initial Order Date. Upon contacting Vonage to notify the company of your intended departure, the provider will determine if a user qualifies. If so, Vonage will refund the user any paid activation fees, first month service charges, initial shipping charges, fees and certain taxes for the first ordered line per account.  Vonage’s money back guarantee applies to the initial line only. Any additional or secondary lines are not subject to this refund guarantee. Aside from the Money Back Guarantee, Vonage does list their cancellation terms under their Terms of Service on their official website.

With Vonage, cancellation is effective either on the day the user contacts the provider, or by a date that is designated by both parties (the user and the provider). When a user cancels their service outside of the 30 day money back guarantee period, none of the paid charges are subject to refund. There are also no pro-rated refunds if a user cancels their service before the end of their billing cycle.

Early Termination fees may also be applied if they are applicable. These fees are applicable when users terminate their plans before a billing cycle ends. The charge of the fee is assessed and determined upon the rate plan selected. Plans that do not require contracts or agreements are not subject to Early Termination Fees; however, some promotional plans may require a contract or agreement for a specific term. In this case, the Early Termination fee would be applicable. Additionally, charges for any overages, payphone calls to Vonage toll free numbers, out of plan international call, international call forwarding, or any other features or services outside of a users plan will be billed and charged separately to the selected payment method after cancellation.

If users attempt to disconnect service of one or all lines before the end of the service term, they will be subject to all applicable charges for that term, including unbilled charges plus Early Termination Fees (per line) if applicable. Also, if a user receives service or equipment that was subject to a rebate upon a conditional agreed term, and then cancels the service before the end of that term, the user agrees to pay the recovery amount and/or an Early Termination fee.

In order for a user to properly terminate their service, they must contact the Vonage Customer Care department via phone at 1-Vonage-Help (1-866-243-4357). The departments service hours are Monday to Friday 9a.m. to 12a.m., Saturday and Sunday 9a.m. to 8p.m. Easter Standard Time. In order to cancel service, users must go through this department. Disconnecting or returning devices does not qualify a user for service cancellation/termination.

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