Fonality offers Heads Up Display (HUD) as a unified communications (UC) solution that’s designed to increase productivity by decreasing poor communication and the hindered sharing of information. To do this, HUD connects a user’s phone, desktop, and any other important business applications into a unified interface. In offering this solution, Fonality has divided it into two categories: HUD Desktop and HUD Mobile.

HUD Desktop connects phones, desktops, and organizations by consolidating all communications into a single easy-to-use interface. The interface increases efficiency by better managing calls, presence/status, queues, and more from a user’s desktop. In doing all of this, HUD Desktop comes equipped with features such as:

Instant Message (chat), Google Contacts, Phone Caller ID, Visual Voicemail, Contact Cards, Desktop Alerts,  Drag and Drop Call Management, Call Transfer to Voicemail, Call Transfer to Hold, Outlook Integration, Easy Dialer, Color Coded Call Status, Visual Call Parking, Seamless Mobility, and Mobile Presence, Employee Presence, Busy Ring Back (camping), Transfer Call to Mobile Device, Click to Email, Click to SMS, Extension Sorting, Operator Panel, No One is Answering Alert, Abandoned Call Alert, Visual Conference Rooms, Unlimited Queues, Real-Time SLA Metrics, Monitor/Whisper/Barge, and Recording Feature Options. With this full host of features, the solution is better able to allow for:

– Simplified Business Communications through better call control management
– Individualized Communications that allow you to dictate the how and when regarding your availability
– Greater Unification of Communications that allows users to transcend platform (for example move a chat conversation to a phone call or reply to an email with a phone call).

Where HUD Desktop allows for greater unification throughout an organization from a desktop, HUD mobile allows the same level of connectivity when users are away from the office.

HUD Mobile allows employees to maintain productivity even when they are away from the office. In an environment where mobility is becoming more a necessity than an option, HUD Mobile helps assure quality and productivity in equal footing. Fonality HUD Mobile is a cloud device that accesses 3G, 4G, and/or WiFi networks, and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. In utilizing this provide mobile service,  Fonality HUD Mobile has taken a number of different groups’ mobile needs into account through their extensive features, which include:
Real-Time Rich Presence, Integrates Business Contacts, Visual Voicemail, Email Integration, Message Notification, Add Contacts On the Go, Virtual Conference Rooms, Instant Messaging, Custom Status Message, Secure Chat, Google Chat Integration, Location Settings, softphone Integration for Toll Bypass, Simultaneous Ring, Move Calls Between Devices, Call Recording, Centralized Call History, Queue Status, Agent Login/Logout Reasons, Monitor Agent Activity. Barge, Monitor, and Whisper.

Regardless of your designation as a mobile employee, whether it be Business owner, Sales Rep, or Call Center Manager, Fonality HUD Mobile includes a complete spectrum of features and functionality.  To see what users are saying be sure to check out our Fonality reviews.

Fonality Heads Up Display, or HUD, allows for increases in productivity through a number of advanced features. In doing this, the solution creates more elaborate time management that helps to more efficiently utilize every hour of the day. In further delineating service based on mobile or desktop use, Fonality HUD aims to optimize the effectiveness of their solution based on your needs.