Congratulations to RingCentral, who have received a Small Biz Technology “Top 100 Champion” Award. The distinction honors those who are influential to small businesses in North America, through exemplary products, services, knowledge, information, and support provided for this particular market. RingCentral have made the list for a myriad of reasons, generally for their support and encouragement to entrepreneurs and small business owners – keeping them on top of their game and able to grow. The event was produced by Small Business Trends and Small Biz Technology, sponsored by Blackberry. RingCentral were one of many nominated, and were voted in by an all-star judging panel to inevitably make the cut.

Becoming a Small Business Influencer Champion with a decisive twenty (20) votes, RingCentral garnered the award easily, receiving praise for their flexible communications solutions. In 2011, the cloud-based business VoIP provider was able to receive a nomination in the Small Business Influencer Awards, but did not manage to become a finalist for the honor. The ease of their victory this year greatly represents the inability for the industry to simply ignore RingCentral’s success.

This past year saw RingCentral kick things off sharply with Dropbox and Google Integration, to bring about cloud faxing. The provider is also on the cusp of widely releasing business SMS, which is set to revolutionize the way workers interact and conduct day-to-day affairs. A large part of the adoption of RingCentral service for small business, is the vast number of ways RingCentral integrates with existing devices (such as smartphones), eliminating the need for pricey equipment overhauls. In addition, thier intuitive system allows for access to voicemail, phone and fax while on the go, from personal devices, tablets, and more. Their web interface is incredibly simple to use, and requires only the diligence of users instead of extra personnel or IT.

RingCentral adds this to their rapidly growing stack of awards, including most recent distinctions for a 2012 Top Ten Reviews Gold Award, and being named the 2012 On Demand 100 Leading Cloud Infrastructure Company. The provider will undoubtedly be receiving even more praises once business SMS takes the market by storm, and updates are complete on their New & Improved Web Interface. We’ll be sure to report future developments from RingCentral as soon as they become available, as we excitedly anticipate utilizing them in our own office.

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