AVAD Technologies offers a vast digital landscape chock full of information. With sub headings and drop menus galore, the website can seem a bit overwhelming at first; however, after navigating through a few times, it’s a bit easier to find one’s bearings.

To be perfectly honest the first thing to grab my attention on the site was the font. It was very simple and basic, yet it really struck me. I found myself questioning if the typography was a premeditated choice, separate from visual appeal. Was it a metaphor for the simplicity within the company’s service? Or, was it an indicator pertaining to a type of bare minimum service given? Well, after scrolling and clicking through numerous drop boxes, I decided to take the typography at face value.

The content of the website overall is top notch. It provides simple language that thoroughly explains concepts clearly. Additionally, AVAD covers every (grey) area with their drop down menu; however, simplicity would serve them better here, as the menu includes an abundance of drop menus and subpanels. Regardless, AVAD offers an incorporative experience despite the dense navigation.

On the main homepage AVAD offers every shred of information both potential and existing customers could ever need; however, it’s a bit overwhelming. There’s quite a bit of information to sort through here, and displaying clearly on the front page is a little discouraging. That being said, the company offers up every detail of their services and plans, creating a transparency between the customer and the service.  With “Request Quote” and “Learn More” options available on the homepage, AVAD displays their three primary functions: Hosted VoIP solutions, Dedicated Support, and Virtual Call Center. In addition to the quotation request option on the homepage, every subsequent page after features a quotation request option in the top right corner. This seemed like a good feature for at any point, users could submit their personal information to find a suitable plan.

Though each function on the main homepage offers a quick exposition, there is a tab menu underneath that goes into more detail. This collection of tabs strings informative text and a simple interface together. This menu makes good use of its simplicity as it is able to clearly get across the key offerings of AVAD without drowning customers in detail. As I clicked about, I stumbled upon a full listing of “Business Call Plan pricing,” as well as “Business VoIP Calling Features.”  Up until this point I found the website rather crammed; however, here every aspect of both the calling plans and services is clearly broken down in detail.

This portion of the site is the most simple and informative as options are listed and can be expanded on upon clicking the available link. Service plans are broken down into “Premium,” “Advanced,” “Virtual,” and “Limited Use.” Each plan is set into a column where general information (such as monthly fee, monthly minutes, local number, enhanced voicemail and plan details) is listed. At the bottom, the plans details were linked. With packages starting as low as $29.95 a month, AVAD offers a slew of options with the small to medium sized business in mind.

Under plan options, AVAD lists all the call options available. Each and every feature is linked to further definition and explanation. So, if a customer had any questions all they would need to do is click the name of their plan, which lists all their services/features, then click the feature to see exactly what it is, or is capable of.

The AVAD website offers up a ton of information, but again it is a bit overwhelming. Though it is great to see a company describe every detail of their features and services, the website is often hard to navigate. I’m sure this format and style would better suit a user who had specific questions in mind; however, for a potential customer browsing for information, it seems a little much. Despite the heavy amount of information found throughout the site, AVAD often displays key information with a more simplistic approach and tone. As a result, they provide thorough explanations for their features and services.

The standout features of the website are the calling plans list, and call features lists. With concise and simple navigation, accessible exposition, and an inclusive approach, AVAD excels here. Providing a long list of call features including anonymous call rejection, call waiting, call hold, call name delivery, call forwarding selective, call forwarding ring splash, do not disturb, email notifications, Microsoft Outlook integration, call tracing, web browser integration, and many, many more, AVAD allows customers to see all their features and determine which would suit their needs best.

AVAD’s website is highly informative; however, its somewhat loaded navigation and layout make the site a bit overwhelming. Despite this, AVAD offers up every detail of their service and features, which should bestow confidence in any prospective customer.