SHARE is a self-service, one-stop website for businesses looking to make that first and lasting impression. In the past, I can say that I’ve called into businesses, and a a clearly jaded (presumably by default) employee’s apathetic recording comes on. Not every workplace is so fortunate to have dazzling voice talent, able to enunciate crisply, and deliver options clearly. The scenario becomes even more uncomfortable when these individuals (who are obviously not native speakers) make a valiant effort to speak “s-pan-yole” and follow with directives indicating you should “mar-key dos”. Some voice recordings are well beyond phonetic nightmares, but I’d rather not discuss it further. Really, I can go on about for hours, but I’d rather let you know about this service, which makes sure your customers are warmly greeted when they call in. RingCentral are proud to work with and highly recommend Snap – here’s exactly why:

The professional recording team at Snap features more than 80 different voice talents, both male and female, along with 500 background tracks for on-hold music, etc. The site is adorned with samples, for the actors, the music and more. All of Snap’s voice talent is broken down by gender and accent, including American (US), Australian, British, Canadian, French (Canadian) and Bilingual. I was especially impressed by the last category, being the same actress/actor seamlessly flexed their ability to deliver concise speech in multiple languages – not a common skill. I quickly realized that I’d spent a solid ten minutes listening to the samples, thoroughly convinced that Marv’s grizzly voice would be a great weapon to sell mattresses with [for some inexplicable reason]. Once I got over conjuring up theoretical applications for each of the actors, Snap Recording’s grand design became even more apparent: quite literally, they have something for everyone, and every business/industry.

Even if you’re not the most creative, listening to the industry examples they have on their site can really steer you in the right direction, plus they have a wealth of phone script examples. There’s plenty of options whether you’re making announcements/voice prompts for your Auto-Attendant, IVR or hosted PBX System. There’s a bunch of packages and options, not to mention a music library that covers all bases. Once your script is written and submitted over to them, the selected actor records it, and it’s finally sent back to Snap for audio mixing and mastering – a very necessary step in creating a pristine audio file. Snap also provides proofreading services, so you can be certain your recording is perfect before it’s actually made. Be forewarned that your are “responsible for any errors in the script or lack of pronunciation notes”, which translates to unnecessary mistakes that will justifiably incur a fee.

The turnaround on a recording from Snap is about 5-7 business days, though if you’re in a bind or would like it rushed, they can get it over to you in 2-3 days (for an additional $50 for the first 75 words and $25 for every 75 words after that). All in all, this service is really impressive and is a surefire way to really capture your callers attention while conveying you take your business seriously, and run an elite operation. Once complete, messages can be integrated right into your system with Snap’s audio insertion service, or you can go ahead and apply it yourself. The beauty of VoIP, is that you can upload this file from within your particular portal, and know you’ve added the equivalent of a well-dressed and spoken doorman into your business VoIP system. If you have multiple systems, are displaced, or ever change providers, it’s also comforting to have a hard copy of that audio file from Snap that you can transfer over and apply later.

If you hadn’t realized already, Snap Recordings are a real juggernaut when it comes to professional recordings – voice and music included. Unless you have a James Earl Jones, Mel Blanc, Don LaFontaine, or Nancy Cartwright caliber voice actor on hand, Snap is definitely the best bet for your business.