Vocalocity offers an abundance of useful features and add-ons with their business VoIP service. On-Demand & Company Call Recording services deliver the same function in very different ways, with a considerable spread as far as price. The discerning VoIP user might ask – what’s the difference? We thought it might help out to clarify:

Option 1: Company Call Recording ($49.99/mo)

Of the two services, this one is the more expensive and automated of the lot. The flat price of $49.99 includes the entire company, no matter how many users. Controlled within the Vocalocity customer portal, only account managers may access Company Call Recording.  It is here that they may set rules, as in what circumstances a call might be recorded (i.e. incoming call to x, which extensions, groups, queues, Virtual Receptionists and conference bridges to record), and pretty much let the feature do its job. Later, those with administrative privileges may retrieve these recorded calls for monitoring, training, and other useful implementations (sharing them with others, if desired).

Certainly the best of applications, is improving the overall quality of business. Much like athletes review game recordings and receiving feedback from coaches following a big game, reviewing calls with employees is a proven way to boost confidence and customer service where it’s needed most.

Included with this plan is 500 hours of recording time. Saved recordings also never expire, so they’re always available for future reference.

Option 2: On-Demand Call Recording ($4.99/extension)

Specialized, centralized call recording that is appointed to extension rather than the company as a whole. The presenting of call recording privileges is initially the responsibility of the administrator, but the actual starting and stopping of recording is up to the user of the extension. These recordings also do not expire, and each user gets 15 hours of recording time. Only the employee has access to these recordings, which they may share or e-mail of course through the option to download. However, it’s really more of a personal tool for the individual, in the event an exchange needs to be substantiated, and a dispute needs to settled.

To start the recording, employees may press *7, and to stop, they can hit *8 – simple. Much like company call recording, employees may set their own rules (such as to record every single call that comes in). As noted above, On-Demand Call Recording is available for $4.99 per extension, per month.

There it is, the fine but definitive differences between Vocalocity’s Company Call Recording & On-Demand Call Recording services. Both tools are incredible useful in documenting conversations for audio playback for multiple reference purposes.

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