Even if you are operating solo, running a business requires effective communication. The truth of the matter is, that without this element, companies are either going to be left in the dust or face extinction. In the same way a cardiologist will be the best in evaluating a heart condition, specialization in the business world is equally as important. Yet, not being able to get ahold of that person who might be able to tackle the matter better than anyone else, will inevitably sever healthy & normal business operations. This is where the UCC market comes in and gets a ton of attention for obvious reasons. Often grappling with the need for connecting all these floating islands of communication is Polycom, who are developing platforms like CloudAXIS. The surge in use of mobile devices, creates the question of compatibilities with tablets, smartphones, and at times, ultimately sways the decision of those electing to use a certain system.

Plus, the market is changing rapidly as businesses become more conservative about spending, and innovations are being churned out. With only 35 percent of businesses expecting an increase in budget this year, the competition certainly stiffens up as a result, with companies offering cheap alternatives that propagate the old adage that you ‘get what you pay for’. As of now, Unified Communications systems are almost always expected to be intertwined with video conferencing and VoIP phone services – after all, they both leverage the same network. Enter tons of options, with lots of companies vying to obtain your business. This is where it becomes vital that you have a strategy and even further, an understanding of what is being offered to you.

The Best of UC Solutions Integrate All of Your Needs in OneNo matter what the aim, it’s truly important that the company you select for your unified communications be built and optimized for UX as well. This is for reasons beyond functionality, like the performance and satisfaction of your employees (throughout the organization). Therein lies the decision of creating a best-of-breed/dedicated vendor for your UC solutions. There’s really no universal answer, but there is certainly an individual answer only you can provide.  Standards simply don’t exist, and more often than not, tools from multiple vendors won’t work together. Knowing how/when to integrate or when to separate tools will save a lot of money and time in the grand scheme of things.

In short, be certain that your employees can not only perform their duties anywhere, but perform them seamlessly. Enhancing corporate collaboration has moved quickly from a consideration to a necessity. Keeping geographically separated workers in touch, anywhere, at any time, is what makes corporate collaboration so very important, and separates the strong, lasting business from the statistic.

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