Congratulations to the 2012 World Series Champions – The San Francisco Giants. A win at the largest stage in baseball is a fantastic achievement, but even greater when it’s done in just four games. Something a lot of people might now know, is that ShoreTel’s Pure IP Unified Communications are responsible for telecommunications for the team – in the bullpen and throughout the ballpark. Here are some interesting facts about the setup in the Giants AT&T Park, which are nothing short of impressive:

  • The Giants partnered with ShoreTel to roll out a new Voice over IP (VoIP) unified communications system back in the early stages of the 2009 season. The system has transformed the way Giants staff, media and fans communicate at AT&T Park.
  • A total of 450 ShoreTel IP Telephones are deployed throughout the ballpark and other off-site facilities including the Giants Scottsdale, Arizona stadium to streamline communications and reduce costs. It’s capabilities include an integrated directory, an easy-to-use UC desktop application interface for call management with enhanced reporting for the sales team, e-mail and voicemail integration, and integrated faxing.

The Old Legacy System at AT&T Park.

  • All park guests communicate for emergency response through ShoreTel’s E911 Notification application, which pinpoints the location of calls from a ShoreTel phone anywhere in the ballpark, and automatically informs all designated security staff and emergency responders.
  • Fans in the Giants’ luxury suites utilize full-color, customizable displays on their ShoreTel phones.
  • The ShoreTel UC system saves the Giants significant daily savings in call costs and system management and support, compared to the previous Centrex system.
  • The San Francisco Giants conducted a thorough analysis of competing solutions, focusing on reliability, scalability, survivability, ease of management, and end user productivity and mobility. ShoreTel demonstrated its strength in all these areas.
  • The Giants also purchased the ShoreTel Converged Conference solution, and ShoreTel’s unique Web dialer application. The organization will be using the ShoreWare Contact Center application Workgroup, for its ticketing, sales and customer service contact center.

ShoreTel & the SF Giants

  • The Giants are committed to making AT&T Park the “greenest” ballpark in the country by making environmental stewardship a top priority. The ShoreTel UC system has helped achieve that goal with equipment that has been independently tested and shown energy savings of up to 62 percent over Cisco.
  • The old system cost about $490,000 to run, while the new system cost about a million to install, and has resulted in big savings over the past 3 years – costing about $135,000 to run per year.

Today, the Giants have much to celebrate, after winning their second championship in the past 3 years. Likewise, ShoreTel is undoubtedly also sharing in that pride – as both look forward to working together next season.

San Francisco Giants - 2012 World Series Champions

Once again, Congrats to the San Francisco Giants and ShoreTel for being at the top of their respective games!