As return policies go, RingCentral is significantly less brutal than many of its competitors, even if you prepay for an entire year.

In order to cancel your RingCentral service, you must notify them within 30 days of starting your service with them. RingCentral accepts termination over the phone between Monday and Friday, 9-5 Pacific Time. If you are on a monthly plan, they will cancel your plan as soon as they receive their equipment back, and they will not bill you further; if you are on a yearly plan, you have 30 days to cancel from date of activation, and will receive a pro-rated refund (the remaining 11 months.)

RingCentral allows you to cancel without cause. In more layperson’s terms, that means that there does not have to be anything defective or wrong with their products or service. The termination department will of course try to dissuade you from cancelling, but you do not have to be more specific than “I’d like to cancel.”

As I mentioned, RingCentral will terminate your service when they receive your equipment. It is always a good idea to call to make sure that they have received your return in a timely manner. RingCentral may, at its sole discretion decline your return or assess an additional $30 charge if the returns are not in the same condition you received them in. If you have any data, such as a contact list, in your phone, be sure to copy that information to another location, because RingCentral will erase that data, and takes no liability for it. RingCentral does not pay for return shipping.

You have the option of keeping the RingCentral equipment. If you so choose, you must pay the Equipment Fee for the phone. The Equipment fee is the full price of the phone, meaning that if you got a thirty dollar discount off of the list price of the phone, you will have to pay those thirty dollars, and you will not get back the money you already paid for the phone. Be sure that whatever provider you are switching to is compatible with the phone should you decide to keep it.

RingCentral has a number of Terms of Service designed to prevent fraud, and to eliminate robocalls and similar dicey uses of their phone service. Should you be in violation of these terms, RingCentral will not pay back any pre-paid services, or refund any credits.

For accounts with fewer than 20 users, if you cancel then you will receive a full money back guarantee, aside from fees, taxes, and any toll-free usage. If you have more than twenty users, you will receive a full refund only for four phones, and you are responsible for the month of service for the remaining phones.