BullsEye Telecom is as much for merchants (retail stores) as it is for offices. But, about half the features, more or less, are the same regardless of whether you run a store or an office. BullsEye Telecom certainly has many features we’ve come to know and love from VoIP, plus some surprises along the way.

Subscribers get an auto-attendant to properly route calls and give an professional appearance. Many phone features are accessible by computer, including voicemail, fax, and online administration. Subscribers also get a toll free number or local virtual number. Still on the phones, you get remote office, 3-way calling, call transfer and call waiting, auto call back, find me/follow me, and a number of other features. You also have the option of getting bundles that include “free” PolyCom phones. (Although in our experience, “free” doesn’t always mean free.) Another good feature is 3G failover, so even if there is bad weather or an emergency, the network should stay active.

Merchant-specific bundles have a number of Point-of-Purchase and merchandise monitoring. The payment card (credit card) industry has a standard called PCI, which merchants must comply with or run the risk of expensive fines. BullsEye telecom proudly and loudly states that they are PCI compliant, even noting in a testimonial that most people aren’t even aware of the risk of fines. BullsEye Telecom covers security from every angle, whether it is merchandise sneaking out the door, intruders breaking in, or data being hacked into. It’s good that BullsEye takes security so seriously, which means better peace of mind for their customers. Bundles are available in two-, four-, eight- and twelve- business phone configurations, for as low as $118.99 per location

BullsEye Telecom offers separate local and long distance. BullsEye actually offers Plain Old Telephone Service. They offer traditional PBX, Centrex and RCF services. That service is integrated with their digital services, so it includes free in-network calling, and digital call management services. Coverage is provided through interconnection with all RBOCs and Incumbent Local Carrier Exchanges. In addition, BullsEye Telecom offers a number of different internet-related services, including internet access, security, data backup, and network management.

Overall, BullsEye Telecom is a great way for merchants to stay current. As for the rest of us, BullsEye offers a solid deal, if nothing too spectacular. BullsEye Telecom’s biggest strength for businesses is the included phone bundles, which keeps Capital Expenditures at virtual zero, meaning companies can start saving money by using VoIP right away.

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