Rapidly emerging business VoIP provider, Vocalocity shows off their new and improved desktop 2.0 UI, at ITExpo, currently taking place at the Austin Convention Center. The new format is a welcome edition (not a misspelling) as compared to the original platform, which was impressive nonetheless. Additionally, desktop 2.0 is going to have the newly added Salesforce integration, along with a number of built-in software apps.

Users will also enjoy integrated SIP, and full support for iOS and Android in the mobile app equivalent. The same features such as various software plug-ins, SugarCRM, and others will also be available for 2.0, except this round will be much more intuitive and polished than the last.

Look to be a part of the beta for Vocalocity Desktop 2.0 towards the end of this month/early November. This is the best way to guarantee a close look at it in action before the full launch in the the first quarter of 2013.