We checked out RingCentral’s booth to see what they were up to, and certainly enjoyed ourselves in the process. Their team on site was extremely knowledgeable and well-versed. Alas, even though we inquisitively are wondering about a RingCentral IPO, there wasn’t any information to obtain currently, yet there were other interesting tidbits we took with us. RingCentral currently has about 300,000 customers – a large number when you take into account the potential number of users among those businesses.

Channel Engagement Manager, Adam Bir, took the time to demo RingCentral’s “hands-free”, or should I say, “hands-on” device – depends on how you look at it of course. Unfortunately, this won’t be hitting the market any time soon, but I did happen to get one for myself, and can’t wait to return to New York City and walk the streets while using it. Adam informed us of a development AT&T is working on which will be powered by RingCentral, along with demoing their office platform from a tablet.

Aside from walking away with quirky gadgets (some more practical than others), our visit to RingCentral’s booth sent us off with a great sense of how the company is doing. Focusing on a mainly small enterprise market, RingCentral has found great success in being an accessible, well-known provider of business VoIP services. We’re excited to see what the future might hold as time rolls on. For now, I can be sure my iPhone never slides off my desk, and my music is always amplified, even if I’m away from a pair of speakers. A big thanks to RingCentral for the merchandise and the great information.