Many telecommunications service providers and news outlets (including us) are gearing up for the ITEXPO, the world’s largest communications and technology event, which will be October 2-5, 2012, at the Austin Convention Center. OnSIP announced today that Mike Oeth, OnSIP CEO, will be leading a panel discussion on “Calculating the True ROI with VoIP in the Cloud.” The discussion will take place on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 3:45 PM local time.

The return on investment (ROI) is high, and nearly immediate. The scalability, flexible cost structure, and enhanced features of VoIP are a perfect fit for small businesses ready to expand, cut costs, or both. SMB owners can save up to 80% compared to analog phones or traditional analog trunks. SMBs can tailor their experience with premium add-ons such as call recording, voicemail transcription, and customized prompts. The true ROI, according to OnSIP CEO Mike Oeth, is more than just a lowered phone bill: “Cloud based VoIP technology provides immediate cost savings, allows employees to work faster and smarter through software integrations, saves business owners with preloaded Fortune 500 features, and provides invaluable insights into the analytics of voice traffic.”

Mr. Oeth was recently interviewed by TMCnet blogger Suzanne Bowen, discussing the upcoming event, and highlighting OnSIP’s White Label/VAR program. OnSIP’s biggest growth is through their value added reseller program. onSIP, unlike other VAR programs, does not charge per user, per phone, per extension, which is the most common payout scale. There are actually two methods that onSIP uses to resell their service. The first is a simple “tell-a-friend” model, in which the new customer signs up directly for onSIP, and the existing customer gets a commission, usually about 10%, for the life of the customer. The second is a volume discount. The VAR purchases licenses and minutes from onSIP at market rate in bulk, and then sells the minutes and licenses to their customers, making money from the margins of the volume discount.

Mr. Oeth is just one of the many big names that will be leading discussions at this year’s ITEXPO. Peter Blackmore, president and CEO of ShoreTel, will be a keynote speaker, as will 8×8 Vice President of Business Development, Huw Rees.

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