Yesterday, we had the privilege of sitting down with Fonality CEO, David Scult, to discuss present and future developments for the business VoIP provider. On top of that, we got a sneak preview of the next evolution of HUD, which we’ll say is a remarkable, and highly intuitive productivity tool like no other. Fonality continues to lead the pack in solutions for SMBs, and is a driving force within the realm of UCC. It certainly shows in the updated version of HUD, where keeping a workplace connected has never been easier, or more seamless. Fitting to Scult’s philosophy of bringing a “services ready culture.”

Fun Facts About Fonality

  • Fonality currently has 20,000+ customers (roughly 250,000 users)
  • David expressed his goal to shy away from providing merely “dial tone” – where VoIP would become a mere commodity. Instead, he and Fonality are looking to streamline applications like the HUD to the surging market. The end goal is to deliver rich features that can be used by anyone without the help of an army of consultants, making them accessible to the entire company
  • Fonality has a 40 people sales team – Channel & Direct
  • Technical arena includes 15 people on implementation & 65 in support
  • By sacrificing quantity (revenue) in favor of quality, Fonality’s focus on SMBs is steadfast, intuitive, and centralized within that target market

Reinventing Approach to Business & Logistics

  • Scult gave mention to making Fonality collectively “easier to do business with” for customers, partners and/or employees
    – Revamping, quoting, ordering, provisioning and billing systems
  • Consolidation of 4 popular Fonality brands: TrixBox, PBXtra, Connect, Pro & Enterprise
    – Rationalization of pricing
    – Perpetual service license, user license, subscription per user, & pre-paid package
    – Supplying of 4 different quotes for X amount of users (Legacy Pricing Models)
  • Transparency & Trust in Fonality – Absolutely open pricing, and no-hidden fees approach
    – Click-to-chat available in online quoting system for live chat and addressing of questions

Fonality HUD

The new and improved HUD is still all about productivity, intelligently keeping a quick select menu of the things you did most recently (under the assumption you’ll be doing them again in the immediate, if not near future). Additionally, the aim is to improve upon the previous build by making it more accessible and easier to use with respect to a wider audience. The interface is incredibly polished and well-designed – here are a few of its many marquis features:

  • Users may pin queues, parked calls, contacts, etc. with one click from a virtual “pin board”
  • Web-based notifier able to be toggled to pop-up when in another web page – visibility in contacts gently flashing
  • Softphone
  • Sort contacts by various criteria (Alphabetically, Online, Busy, Department, etc.)
  • Monitor, barge, whisper in Real-Time
  • Screen Share Functionality (One-Click = Instant Webinar), File Sharing
  • New Fonality Voicemail Transcription built Into the HUD
  • In time, Fonality HUD will be open to 3rd party apps. There will be published APIs on how to integrate these applications right into the interface.
  • Support for PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone Integration (Android & iOS)
  • As the interface is web-based, updates are never needed – always open your browser to the latest version

We thank David for taking time out of his busy schedule to demo the next evolution of HUD and share valuable perspectives you’d expect from an individual with a successful, long-standing track-record in telecommunications and technology. is enthusiastically looking forward to checking out more from Fonality, first-hand, at the ITExpo in Austin, Texas next week. Check the site daily for a sneak peek at some of the best products and services the industry has to offer.