Vocalocity features a QuickBooks plug-in for Vocalocity Desktop. Now, Vocalocity subscribers will be able to add QuickBooks information to screen-pops for every incoming and outgoing call. This automated service is sure to save Vocalocity subscribers time, and let them, in turn, give better customer service to their clients by having crucial information at their fingertips every time the phone rings.

When activated, the QuickBooks plug in will show the client’s name and recent activity, such as the date of the last invoice sent, open balance, and the date of the most recent payment received. The account information isn’t limited to just clients, but vendors as well. The screen pop will show what type of account the caller has,  and, of course, the name, email, and phone number.

By linking QuickBooks to Vocalocity Desktop, Vocalocity subscribers will be able to search QuickBooks directly within Vocalocity desktop. Account managers will be able to save a lot of time by simply searching for the relevant information within the Vocalocity ecosystem.

As if that weren’t enough, the QuickBooks Vocalocity Desktop plug-in also syncs with the Intuit’s new cloud-based Intuit Anywhere, without even needing to purchase extra copies of QuickBooks. Intuit Anywhere connects eBay, Freshbooks, and other discrete financial data to QuickBooks.

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