Fonality HUD is a powerful desktop software to help your business be more productive. But before we get into the advanced features, we have to start with the basics. This short video shows how to add your Google Gmail contacts to Fonality HUD. You don’t have to sign into the web portal, you can do this right from your desktop.

From the File menu, or if you right click in the Contacts window, you can “add external contacts.” From there, you can invite one user at a time (who has to accept your invitation) with the “Add contact” tab, or add multiple users with the “Import Contacts” tab. You can add contacts from Google Talk, or your Jabber account, which consolidates many chat clients (AIM, iChat, Yahoo, etc.). If you have more than one chat list, you can add to anyone you like. You cannot, on the other hand, add a contact directly to your “Huddy List.” The Huddy List automatically adds the configured number of contacts that you talk to the most.

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