Fonality has a number of features aimed specifically to make call centers better for their customers. These features are incorporated into their award-winning Fonality HUD, but many can also be accessed from the web portal.

The first feature I want to mention is the queue autofill. In a regular ACD, the software hunts for an open line while the customer waits on hold. Even if there are multiple agents available and multiple calls on hold, the ACD acts sort of like an usher, taking each call individually to the right agent. The queue autofill changes all that. If there are five calls at once and five agents are available, the autofill software will ring the agents’ phones without the need for waiting on the queue. This translates to shorter wait times for everyone, and more satisfied customers.

Speaking of shorter wait times, Fonality has adjustable queue priorities. The administrator can set certain incoming phone numbers to be low, medium, or high priority. Presumably, the VIP customers will be given a secret number which will shoot them right to the front of the line.

Permissions can be set to barge, monitor, or whisper a call. A barge is when a second user comes into the conversation and both parties can hear her, a monitor is when a second user can listen into a conversation, but not talk to either party, and a whisper is when the second agent can talk to the first, but the user cannot hear her. When a call is barged, monitored, or whispered, a notification pops up on the agent’s screen.  

Although more than an administrative setting than an actual tool, I want to mention that Fonality allows for individual users to have a call center license rather than requiring an entire call center server, which saves Fonality subscribers money. Similarly, the administrator can set “toll permissions,” allowing or disallowing outgoing call areas, such as international calls.

Administrators can set a “reason box.” When an agent logs in or out, they can click a selection of “reasons” for signing out, such as “lunch break,” “bathroom,” or “shift over.” The administrator can create as many reasons as he wants. The agent can do that through the web portal or through Fonality HUD. In addition, the agent, if he is in multiple queues, can log out of individual queues, or log out of all of them at once.

Fonality lets administrators track and chart detailed call analytics. An administrator can set the duration of TTA SLA (Time to Answer Service Level Agreement) times. The administrator can check call durations in real time, as well as chart them out. The system tracks and charts other data, such as the aforementioned reasons, which can be charted and graphed.

Certain Fonality plans can also order the add-on product “Fonality Enterprise Record-All.” All calls by licensed users, both inbound and outbound, are recorded with this add-on. Recorded calls can be called up via a web-based GUI. Calls can be tagged, scored, and set to automatically delete or be archived.

With all these powerful features, Fonality users have more tools than ever to empower their users and help grow their business. For more about Fonality and other business VoIP Providers, read our reviews and watch our video reviews.