Having a toll free number is a great business tool. Customers love free things, including free calls. It gives small businesses a professional appearance. With VoIP, businesses can now get access to features that were once only available to the largest companies with the deepest pockets. Today, you can get an 800 number, or another digit combination, such as 888 or 877. Since 1-800 numbers came first, they are more rare, more valuable, and carry more prestige, which is why they are more expensive.

For this chart, we compared some of the top business VoIP providers on their toll free add-ons. We compared the initial setup price, and also the cost of ongoing service, including the toll free number itself. Below are the formulas we used to make the chart. 8×8, which also offered to match competitors’ quotes, had tiered services; RingCentral includes 1000 minutes in their regular plans but did not include a phone number; Vocalocity offered unlimited toll free minutes for the same price as an unlimited extension; Fonality, OnSIP, and Nextiva charged per incoming minute, above the cost of the number.

8×8: $4.99 for 150 mins + 4.5c/min, $39.99 for $1,500 mins + 3.9c/min, $94.99 for 5,000 mins + 2.8c/min. Minutes can be shared across more than one number.
Fonality Connect: $5/month + 2.8c/min
Nextiva Connect:  $4.95 + 2.5c/min
onSIP: $2 + 3.9c/min
RingCentral: Free 1000 minutes, $4.95/mo for number, Additional toll-free minutes billed at 3.9c/min
Vocalocity: $39.95 for unlimited toll free minutes

Provider Initial Setup, Including Number 500 Minutes 1000 Minutes 1500 minutes
8×8 $14.98 $20.74 $39.99 $39.99
Fonality Connect Included $19.00 $33.00 $47.00
Nextiva Connect Unlimited $9.95 for 855-888 # or $30 for 800 # $17.45 $29.95 $42.45
OnSIP $7.00 $21.50 $41.00 $60.50
RingCentral $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $24.45
Vocalocity Included $39.99 $39.99 $39.99