inTALK is a Nextiva company. Unlike Nextiva’s website, which has a lot of bells and whistles, inTALK is basic and straightforward. inTALK has three plans, 100, 500 and unlimited minutes. The default is “Nextiva Connect,” which is the same as Nextiva Connect on their own web site, inTALK is just a little more upfront about the contract price.

inTALK offers Nextiva Connect 360, which Nextiva no longer offers on their own web page. The only way to find this is to drill into their web site a little. To put it simply, these are virtual PBX features for small businesses. You get day and night mode, a directory, hunt groups, even music on hold. You get a dial by name directory and a virtual attendant. The price is very low compared to traditional PBX systems, and pretty low compared to other, similar VoIP products for small businesses.

Under “Buy Now,” you get to see their selection of SIP phones. If you click the little plus icon, the page shows more detail about the phone. The summary tells you how many lines each phone has, and what features it supports, like power over Ethernet. These are reasonable rates, and when you buy from a company directly, they come pre-configured.  The most expensive phone is obviously the Polycom Soundstation 4000, which is a conference phone.

Also at the bottom, you get the add-ons, like an extra phone number, number porting, and toll free numbers. Note that 800 numbers come at a premium, and 888 numbers do not.

One major fault of the inTALK website is the help desk, which, really is no help all. I believe this says more about Nextiva’s attention to this sector of their business, and doesn’t reflect on their tech support.

InTALK gives you a scaled-down version of their big service. This is the same network that Nextiva uses, but you won’t get Nextiva’s NextOS platform. It’s a good deal for small businesses that only have a few phones. If your business needs expand, they want you to already be familiar with Nextiva.