Residential VoIP customers have never had this many features at this cheap a price before. In this head to head, we compare Phone Power to VOIPo to see which residential VoIP provider has the best features and the best price for you.

Services Compared Phone Power
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Blowout Sale Price $199 for 2 years $129 for 2 years
BYOD Option Yes Yes
Equipment Lease Fee Free Free
Equipment Shipping $14.95 Free
Fax Options Free Fax-to-Email $5/mo or $36/yr
International Minutes In Basic Plan 60 100
Mobile App iPhone, plus mobile online portal Available Through Third Party SIP Clients
Number Porting Fee Free Free
Service Portability Yes Yes
Voicemail Transcription Yes N/A
Virtual Numbers $5/mo $5/mo or $36/yr
U.S/Canada Calling Unlimited Unlimited
Toll Free # $5/mo $4.95/mo + $0.05/min
Tech Support, Phone M-F 9am-11pm, S/S 10am-8pm, US-Based M-F 12pm-8pm ET, US-based
Tech Support, Web Knowledge Base, Email support, Chat Knowledge Base, Email support, Chat
Setup/Activation Fee $4.95 Free
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Shared Features: 7,10,11 digit dialing, Privacy Rules, Call forwarding, Telemarketer block, simul-ring/find me/follow me, free international minutes in basic plan, free in-network or SIP calls, Failover, Do not disturb, Bandwidth saver, speed dial, call hold, E911,*69 call return,

VOIPo Exclusive Features: Distinctive ring, SMS controls, busy signal/voicemail toggle, call recording, free or premium 411, outbound caller ID block. The free and premium 411 can be toggled within the assigned vPanel account.

Phone Power Exclusive Features: Click2Call Home, Click2Call Remote, 211, 311, 511, 811, VIP call notification, Operator Dial ($3/use), Extra phone number (at price plan, includes second channel)

VOIPo has been my top pick so far in residential VoIP based on price alone. Phone Power really can go feature for feature with VOIPo, and at a competitive rate.

Both Phone Power and VOIPo have address books, privacy rules, caller ID rules, and Do Not Disturb functions. In that respect, they are much the same. Phone Power has their own iPhone App, and VOIPo does not, but they both support SIP credentials, so you can use a SIP softphone for either provider. They both have failover, which means if the service is unavailable, calls can be set to either go to voicemail or forwarded to another phone number. Both Phone Power and VOIPo have speed dials, so you can press one or two digits to dial a favorite number. Phone Power tops out at 99, but VOIPo has as many as you can remember.

Phone Power has number of features worth looking into. Phone Power offers a free “cloned” second line with the same phone number, and VOIPo does too. But Phone Power gives the option of having a second phone number, and having it be cloned too. That feature does come at a premium, though, it doubles your monthly bill. Still, for busy households, that’s quite a feature, and very affordable. VOIPo has a limit of two concurrent channels. When a third call comes in, either the first or second call must be dropped to answer it.

Both VOIPo and Phone Power have free automated 411; VOIPo customers can toggle between free 411 and a $1/usage live operator with the vPanel, and Phone Power customers dial “0” to make a $3 operator-assisted call.

Phone Power has a “Fax Catcher” that sends faxes as PDFs to email, yet no capacity for outbound faxes. VOIPo has just the opposite—they include free outbound faxes, but to receive faxes you would need a dedicated number for $5/month or $36/year.

Phone Power has both a Click2Call and a remote Click2Call. If you are at home and using the vPanel, just click on a contact, and it will call them and you at the same time. It’s a neat convenience feature. With Remote Click2Call, you can link your Phone Power number with another, and get the outbound caller ID of your own number, or save money on international rates.

VOIPo, though, has some very strong features of its own. My personal favorite is the customized ring tone. Once you assign a number and a ringtone in the VOIPo portal, whenever that number calls you, the phone rings that ringtone. It’s great for busy houses.

VOIPo has a number of SMS-based innovations. When you get a voicemail, in addition to getting an email notification, you get a text that shows the caller ID, the number, date, time, and message length. It all fits in 160 characters, which is the US standard text limit. VOIPo subscribers can activate and deactivate features on the fly just by texting their phone. The vPanel has a page that lists all the star codes that can be used to control their phone, such as call forwarding, setting a failover number, and set Do Not Disturb.

VOIPo has one feature that’s a blast from the past: A busy signal. If you so choose, you can set calls to go to call waiting, to voicemail, or to a busy signal. You can also set calls to go to a busy signal when DND is activated.

International dialers will be pleased with both providers. VOIPo offers 60 free international minutes per month, and for $7.95/mo, you can have another 1200 minutes. Phone Power has about a $5 premium per month, which varies based on the length of the cancelable contract. To get international plus for one year costs $179.95, and does not have a second year free, compared to their blowout price of $199.95 for two years. For two years of VOIPo international, you’ll pay $320, for two years of Phone Power International, you’ll pay $360

The Final Bell: Phone Power can really go toe-to-toe with VOIPo. Phone Power offers a very hefty feature set, including some exclusive features, seven-day US-based tech support, and competitive international rates. VOIPo has some great exclusive features of its own, and still maintains the blowout price. Phone Power also come out ahead in Tech Support with an extra two days a week availability. With monthly costs being nearly identical, it comes down to your personal preferences on features. Each has their own set of unique and shared features which will best fit your household.

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