inTALK is a Nextiva company. So, what separates inTALK from Nextiva?

Nextiva provides the underpinnings of inTALK’s service, but inTALK is geared towards small businesses and home offices. The web page feels more like the web page of a residential VoIP provider than one of a business VoIP provider. The web site is short on flair and long on simple pricing and features.

inTALK listed 25 calling features. I would say that inTALK does stretch the definition of “feature” a bit to make 25 since one of those features is “adjustable ring length”—the number of times the phone rings before it goes to voice mail. inTALK covers the bases very respectably by including features like 3-way calling, find me/follow me, DND, and both Voicemail to email and Visual Voicemail.

inTALK offers an upfront $195/year or $19.95 monthly. It wasn’t until I hit the “request a quote” button that I realized that they offer other products. inTALK is Nextiva’s phone service only and does not include PBX features like on-hold music and an auto-attendant. To get those features, you can upgrade to Nextiva Connect.  inTALK offers the Nextiva Connect metered and unlimited plans for the same price as Nextiva directly: $8.95 for 100 minutes, $19.95 for 500 minutes, and unlimited for $69.95. These prices are with a yearly contract. inTALK also offers Nextiva Connect 360 Limited, which includes 1000 minutes, for $24.95/mo or $19.95 with a 3-month contract, and Connect Unlimited for $34.95 or $29.95 with a 3-month contract. Nextiva Connect 360 also waives any setup fee, and many plans include a free phone or adapter. The Nextiva Connect 360 includes free calling to other Nextiva subscribers, but the Connect did not list this feature.

The biggest difference between inTALK and Nextiva is scale. inTALK is definitely made for small businesses, sole proprietors, and even residential use. Even the Connect 360, the most expensive inTALK plans, have only two extensions. Curiously, the Connect plans listed virtual extensions—10,20, or 100—But, the Connect 360 did not. As of this writing, I don’t know if that’s an oversight on Nextiva’s part or if they only offer the Wizard of Oz-like virtual extension curtain to actual small businesses. For one or two lines, inTALK is definitely a worthy “younger sibling” to Nextiva’s Office Pro and Office Enterprise.

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