Today, I set up my VoIP account with Vocalocity. Before I get into my review, it might be beneficial to share some “bullet points”, as provided by Vocalocity. There was a bit of gentle assurance in a commitment without a contract, and the knowledge that the quote given to me will be the lasting one for the life of my account. The process was relatively quick and easy, and I’m really looking forward to seeing if the quality of the calling service matches the caliber of its customer service.

My Vocalocity Review –  Signing Up: They offer something called Bi-Directional Call Continuity service, meaning that in the event of an emergency, calls lost by either party (Vocalocity or the customer) will be rerouted appropriately. Vocalocity has 13 data centers all over the U.S. with full redundancy and automatic failover, so if the line you are connected to fails, there are 12 backups to make sure you still get the help you need. In the event the customer’s phone loses connection, the call will be rerouted to a number of your choosing. Definitely some pretty cool stuff, and it’s great to know that all calls have a safety net in the event they fault in any way from either end of the line.

There are no contracts or cancellation fees, in-house customer service, and IT support (no outsourcing), and almost ten years of experience in working with hosted VoIP systems. I opted to enter the party applying BYOD, so I am patiently waiting over the next 24 hours to receive my account information/welcome kit in an e-mail, and proceed from there. When the account is all squared up on the back end and I receive this, I should be able to move forward and start making calls.

The whole sign up process was very easy, and their friendly sales associate Elliot worked with me and didn’t push for higher sales or features I expressed no desire in having. The approach was very informative and looking more to help me pick the ideal solution rather than the best or most expensive for the sake of a boosted commission. That’s always refreshing and is a practice I wish companies would universally subscribe to as saying “no” more than once can be quite frustrating.

In essence, I’m quite pleased with how smooth signing on was with them and can’t wait to take the service for a spin. Once I’m all equipped with the proper info, I’ll be logging into My Vocalocity, installing Vocalocity desktop, and readying all systems for full deployment. If you would like to read more Vocalocity reviews from real consumers, click here.

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