There are many features of the RingCentral Call Controller, and this video tutorial will show you how easy it is to use a few of the top features: Call in, call out, and virtual fax. Before you use the RingCentral Call Controller, you have to install it. It isn’t a web widget, it’s a full-fledged program. I recommend putting it as a desktop shortcut. The Call Controller does not automatically sync with your online portal, so you may have to enter a few important phone numbers. It does, on the other hand, have Outlook integration.

You can set the Call Controller to pop up every time you get a call. Because the Call Controller is its own program, you don’t have to be logged in to to get that option. But you do have to set it under “call handling” preferences. If you have it set to the first ring, the Call Controller will actually pop up even before your IP phone rings.

When you get a call through the Call Controller, you can immediately forward the call to another phone (which you have to set ahead of time), set an automated response, screen the call, or ignore it. You can also, of course, answer the phone. The call will go through your computer’s speakers or your headset. You can mute, record, or put a call on hold from the Call Controller.

To make an outbound call, you can use the onscreen keypad or your computer’s keyboard to enter a phone number, or go through your address book or recent call log. Note, though, that you can’t make an outbound call from your computer, and you also can’t use your primary RingCentral number. You have to select an alternative number (e.g. your cell phone, home line), otherwise it will read as “busy.” This happens because your call is being routed through your own RingCentral main number (which will appear on the outbound Caller ID, remember); your phone would be calling itself, and be stuck in a loop.

Another neat feature of the Call Controller is that you can use it to both Fax Out and download internet received faxes. Simply hit the icon of a fax machine (hint: it’s the little grey thing second from the right). Enter the fax number, and hit “attach” to send a Word Doc or PDF. You can also scan something new, if you have a scanner. You can send immediately or have it scheduled. For more information about the Fax Out, I also recommend our other video.