RingCentral has a very easy to understand web portal. You can set up your auto attendant in minutes. In this video, I’ll guide you through the few steps required to set up your auto attendant/auto receptionist, and set up some basic call rules. I go a little fast in the video, but here are the steps:

  1. Log in, and under the settings tab, click “phone system.” You will see a graphic representation of your call flow.
  2. Click “auto receptionist.” It is the second one down, right under your phone number.
  3. Your screen will show your Auto-Receptionist control panel. Select and customize your business hours. The defaults are Monday-Friday 9-5 or 24/7, but you can completely customize your hours. You can change M-F or 7 days at once with a single button click. Click “save” or “cancel.”
  4. The Dial-by-name directory in this video has only one extension, because I only signed up for one line. Inbound callers will press “0” then “1” for the dial by name directory. You do not have to set the dial by name directory to know your name.
  5. Set some call rules with the How to handle incoming calls” button. The default tabs are “business hours” and “after hours.” You can also make a customized rule based on time, caller ID, a certain time period (e.g. vacation), and so on. You can select which extension inbound callers will reach first.
  6. When callers press “0” twice, they will get the operator. Choose who they will talk to by selecting or changing the “Operator Extension.”
  7. Pat yourself on the back. You’re done!

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